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Financial sector and its services is the engine that drives world economy needs ultimate attention and improvement so as to take full advantage of great and new innovations such as disruptive blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is regarded as one of the greatest technological innovation around the universe and has proceeded on getting more acknowledgment, recognition and increased application into various sectors because of its security, transparency and Decentralised nature of the technology.
The adoption of this great innovation to financial sector will greatly disrupt, revolutionised and undoubtedly improve the entire financial sector and its services. With the adoption of this great technological innovation in the financial system, financial transactions will be swift, seamless and securely carried out at a negligible charges. The blockchain technology will strive to Decentralise the entire financial ecosystem and bridge any geographical barriers or limitations impose by the traditional system. This is the reason why KitToken was established so as to disrupt and revolutionised the entire financial world with the utilisation of this great disruptive blockchain technology.
This is a Malaysian based digital currency which aims to create a globally accepted cryptocurrency that will be used in the financial system for swift, seamless and secure daily transaction. This should be done with a specific end goal to meet the consistently rising needs of most recent innovations that would have the capacity to make financial transactions quick, seamless, proficient secure. Consequently, KitToken guarantee to offer all of these requirements of impeccable financial world. The KitToken platform will support the financial ecosystem offering a faster and secure transactions by implementing the following system; bridge the gap between merchants and clients, engaging and carrying out advert and awareness program and enrollment, and benefits and platform advancement. These procedures were made to guarantee simple and aggregate acknowledgment of services presented by Kit token so they are better known and can be used in all ecosystem.

Kitpay can be accessible through any smartphone anywhere around the globe by downloading the application from Google PlayStore for Android and apple store for Ios. KitPay will enable users to create wallet that can store, transfer and trade KitToken on daily basis. The holders of KitToken will also enjoy various incentives through proof of Stake POS and value appreciation.

The KitToken ecosystem will have its own utility token that can be utilized to make exchanges on the Kitpay application, this token is called KIT. It’s an ERC-20 build on the ethereum Blockchain. Unit would be on sale(ICO) in various phases(Pre-sale and Main sale). The KIT token will cost $0.05 during the ico with a reward to early members. The KitToken has 8 billion total supply.


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