Epik-B2B2C blockchain solution for licensed virtual goods

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The Internet gaming and online networking space have witnessed an enormous growth over the decade, there is an undiscovered opportunities for most online or virtual platforms like computer games, networking and other online communities to advance or upgrade the goods and services offered by teaming up with related platforms to create marked virtual products.

The issue with making a flourishing, branded virtual products marketplace is discontinuity. Currently, digital platforms work as deterred biological systems and brands are divided working with little openness.
BLMP is taking care of this perplex issue by making a huge joint effort system of worldwide brands and digital companies to encourage the licensing procedure. BLMP is particularly situated for development as a result of associations with built up licensing organizations, for example, Evolution and BDLabs with a joined aggregate of more than 1,000+ customers, accomplices, properties, and brands.

BLMP has an extraordinary begin. BLMP as of now has a genuine product comprising of a completely working blockchain establishment that is being utilized on the Ethereum mainnet named Air.
Air is one of the world first ("B2B2C") blockchain answer for authorized virtual merchandise. Air can handle B2B2C exchanges and handle the full inventory network such as creation,tokenization, and provenance of formally authorized virtual products. Air empowers any advanced digital set up to team up with brands to make special arrangements of branded products. Smart contracts deal with the creation,tokenization, and remuneration of these virtual merchandise with the outcome that brands and platforms get traceability, productivity, and security of exchanges that was unthinkable before. Air the major establishment in the B2B2C virtual products market, hopes to take into consideration the capacity of level and vertical integration,the authorization of a typical API, and the consolidating of information.

BLMP platform

BLMP (Blockchain Licensing Marketplace) is a B2B2C blockchain organization handling B2B2C exchanges and offering some incentive through productivity, traceability, and security. BLMP is spearheading licensed virtual product and the mission of BLMP is to interface the protected innovation licensing industry with advanced stages. BLMP influences crypto-token innovation based on blockchain as a way to effectively create and trade fluid incentive in communities.
BLMP planned a survey for the audit to build up a virtual market B2B2C First in the World, which will permit the virtual products utilizing single sign EPIK. Google search articles Help EPIK, conceivable survey to audit Buying And Selling Digital Products on ALL Platform EPIK TOKEN, for example, games, video, virtual reality, and also Gifts And sticker on interpersonal organizations and Instant Messengers.

BLMP utilize blockchain technology to make an exceptional community oriented system that can be utilized and connected. Here and now association permit digital platforms to offer a predetermined number of constrained virtual products available to be purchased. BLMP incorporates all parts of the supply of virtual merchandise, including make, token, and this virtual source items.

How the platform functions

The platform starts a proposition for a brand. Along these lines, smart contracts are made on the chain and the terms of the proposition are consulted off-chain between off-chain applications. Once the proposition is acknowledged by the platform, the terms are instantly approved on the string. All things considered, virtual products are authorized and coursed utilizing the ERC-721 standard. At long last, clients can buy virtual products from the platform. Whenever exchanges, smart contracts are refreshed to clients, BLMP will charge exchange expenses. Exchange costs are resolved as per the terms of the agreement between the computerized stage and the brand.

Present Issue

The issue lies in the fracture amongst brands and digital platforms. Currently, digital platforms could be a vast scale partnership, Most digital platforms are likewise intended to work in with little accessibility.Although these stopped computerized stages get the opportunity to keep the greater part of the benefits from their clients for themselves,they should without any help handle troublesome difficulties in regards to client obtaining, new substance creation,and client maintenance. Brand presentation could possibly help with those themes.

Brands are engaged with an extremely bygone permitting industry covered with printed material and wasteful business forms. The present procedure to get to brands for permitting content is tedious, outdated,based on individual associations, and could likewise require profound pockets. With a high disappointment rate, most digital platforms don't have the privilege to contribute enormous measures of time and assets to make permitting bargains happen. To exacerbate the situation, if a stage needed to offer their clients access to different brands,working together with an aggregate gathering of brands is amazingly testing. Brands vary immensely from each other and oversee altogether different brand

The aim while checking licensing plans, like particular zone, socioeconomics, licensing expenses, and attractiveness.So, by what means can brands, VIPs, or protected innovation holders remain important in the platform and get new wage and eminences from the offer of licensing virtual products? By what method can digital platform increment visibility,enrich product contributions, and get help with creation

BLMP solutions

The perfect solution is to make a platform that engages clients and enables them to buy licensed virtual products online for similar reasons that they make buys, all things considered, which is to build up status, personality, enrollment, class and performance.Additionally, the perfect resolution ought to have the capacity to likewise encourage the client exchanges when clients buy the things to guarantee reasonable remuneration between the Intellectual property holders and platform associated with making the products. As the things are sold,the benefits ought to naturally be part in light of foreordained licensing arrangement.
Token information
The EPIK token is a definitive path for you to gather branded goods in any digital platform for example, computer games, portable recreations, virtual reality etc. Over that, this token deal highlights Collectible Token Rewards – something genuinely extraordinary. Thinking of it as have the principle creator of ERC-721on our group and we represent considerable authority in ERC-721 collectibles, we figured it is cool to remunerate buyers with collectibles that concede extraordinary capacities.
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Epik Items are uncommon things that are one of a kind in nature. Epik things are anchored and put away on the blockchain. Gather diverse EPIK Items in different platforms and view them whenever and anyplace in the EPIK App.


The restrictive in the background innovation inside the EPIK App. The EPIK Wallet is utilized to buy, trade, and gather EPIK Items in your most loved diversions and social stages.

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