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Datum is a data marketplace and management platform built on Blockchain technology and secured with smart contract which allow users to be in control of their data. The platform will probably make data to be a tradable and safe item.
Datum ICODatum gives a disseminated and decentralized NoSQL database that depends on a blockchain record. This innovation takes into account anybody to back up their organized information in an unknown, safe, and secured way. At that point, Datum gives the users a marketplace where they can offer data at their own watchfulness.
Individual information management is all over the place. For example, we utilize online networking and social platforms freely by sharing our own information. These social platforms systems pitch this information to promoters, acquiring them a huge number of dollars every year.
Datum takes care of this issue by enabling clients to possess their information. With DAT, their local token, clients will have the capacity to share and spare their information or data. This system will contain 3 billion DAT tokens, with around 1.53 billion accessible for general society token public sale.
App: Datum has a portable application that is easy to utilize. Likewise, the majority of the application's information is scrutinise before entering the system. Information is kept from recognizing examples and data. In this way, you can remain secure when utilizing Datum's ecosystem.
Storage Nodes: Provide storage limit and register capacity to store information in a decentralized system. Storage nodes work with the Big-chain DB cluster. This enables Datum to give vast scale storage of information.
DAT Tokens: Datum's platform utilizes DAT tokens. DAT clients pay few tokens to transmit and store individual information. Also, clients and purchase DAT tokens to get client information.

How datum platform works

The client initially presents their information on to the decentralized platform, there will be a little gas charge to carry out this process.

Storage Node will get the information and it will be transmitted on to different nodes to make it safe.

A purchaser demonstrates enthusiasm for purchasing the information or data.

The client gets an offer for the buy of their data, the points of interest of the purchaser will be shown. The client at that point has the alternative of tolerating, dismissing or making a counter offer.

On the off chance that the client acknowledges the offer then they'll get DAT tokens, the decoding key will at that point be sent to the purchaser.


The Datum ICO has quite recently begun with their site as of now indicating offers of $4 million.
Datum platform will serve the following clients.
Clients: Users will have the choice to present their information on the datum platform and after that given the choice of offering it, by being on a decentralized system clients will realize that their information is totally secure.

Clients will have the capacity to utilize the easy to utilize Datum application which enables them to choose what information they wish to offer available to be purchased.

Storage: The datum platform will require a great deal of storage, clients will have the choice of offering storage to the datum platform.

Buyers: People wishing to get to data, clients will have the choice of enabling access to their information or data for nothing or for a charge. The system will expect customers to check their own particular data so clients know precisely who's acquiring their information. Clients offering storage will get token prizes.

Token holders: Token holders will administer the datum decentralized platform.

For more details about the project please visit the following links
Website https://datum.org
Twitter https://twitter.com/datumnetwork
Reddit https://reddit.com/r/datumnetwork/
Whitepaper https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf

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