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I love traveling! The world is full of beautiful sceneries and diverse cultures which are worth exploring. I love to make sure that in a year, I get to visit about two or three different locations from all around the world. Traveling is fun, but it requires a lot of preparation beforehand to ensure that everything is in order. There is no greater disappointment than being stranded in a foreign country because of a mix up in your hotel room booking. The biggest challenge of traveling is booking hotel rooms or apartments, which is why I have always been in search of an easy and convenient manner to make my bookings.

The technological world is going through a lot of advancements, with new technologies being developed on an almost daily basis. Technology and the internet have been fully embraced and implemented into our daily lives, with the majority of activities being carried out online. One of those activities is booking for hotel rooms or apartments when one wants to go for a vacation, business trip among other traveling purposes. The process of booking is tedious and barely secure because of malicious individuals who create scam accounts to try and extort money from unknowing individuals.

Booking is not an easy process, and I can attest to this firsthand. There are several challenges that I have faced over time, which I am going to discuss in this article as well as tell you about today’s amazing project. A major issue is dispute resolution. I have been in situations where there was something wrong with my booking. On multiple occasions, I ended up being stranded for a few hours in foreign countries because the booking systems of a certain company had complications. While a man is to error, the problem is in how the customer service team handles such situations.

I have come across rude customer service agents who do not have any business working in a customer service desk. I have also ended up spending more money than I intend to settle certain situations that were entirely not my fault. On some occasions, I have lost my hard-earned money because some of the booking companies do not have a refund policy.

Today, however, I am very excited to introduce you to a whole new booking experience where such cases of insecurity and inappropriate customer service are nonexistent. I am talking about Bestay, a home-sharing platform that is based on the powerful blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is known for its numerous beneficial principles, which are all about user satisfaction and convenience. One of these principles is security, which is required by every industry.

Bestay is going to be a decentralized home-sharing platform where I will be able to have access to hundreds of beautiful hotels and apartments located all over the world. The process of booking these hotel rooms or apartments is going to be completely decentralized, secure, and easy because everything is going to be carried out on the platform. The other exciting thing about Bestay is that I will have access to quality hotel rooms an apartment at an incredibly lower price compared to other platforms.


Bestay is going to revolutionize home sharing as we know it by incorporating blockchain technology, decentralized computing, Internet of Things as well as information and data system security. My vacations are about to become a whole lot more fun, exciting, and affordable with Bestay home-sharing platform!

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