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Cryptocurrency exchanges are coming up more and more these days, but they are facing the challenge of being able to attract new traders. This is mostly because most of these exchanges are not known by majority of crypto traders. Being a frequent crypto trader, I can attest to the fact that I do not know all crypto exchanges in the crypto space, because that would need extensive research.

Swapzilla, however, is planning to change the game by listing a wide variety crypto exchanges on its platform. This means that each of the exchanges listed on the Swapzilla platform will have the chance to extensively expand their user base. Traders are going to have the opportunity to select from a wide range of exchanges and choose those that suit their trading styles.

The crypto market is currently lacking an up-to-date infrastructure, which is making traders go through a hard time trading. I am currently facing various challenges as a crypto trader on various exchanges, which I am sure I have the ultimate solution to today. However, let me first state these challenges because I am sure that majority of crypto traders reading this article are going to relate.

Challenges I face as a crypto trader.

🔗 Trading crypto on various exchanges has not been a walk in the park for me. This is mainly because I have to manage multiple accounts on these different exchanges. This is not only time consuming but also greatly inconveniencing at times.

🔗 The exchanges of which I am a part of are less than five, and the cryptos listed on them are not all of the coins in the crypto space. I am therefore at a loss of having access to the complete list of crypto assets in the crypto space, which is limiting the chances of expanding my trading experience.

🔗 As a crypto trader, I need access to various trading tools that are supposed to help me improve my trading. These exchanges, which I am a part of usually don’t offer all of the necessary tools and functions which again, is very limiting.

🔗 We are all too familiar with the problem of malicious hacks and fraudulent activities on crypto exchanges. Some of the biggest hacks in the crypto space have left numerous traders with incredibly huge losses, which is frustrating.

🔗 It is important that crypto exchanges conduct verification procedures to guarantee the security of their platforms. However, some of the crypto exchanges out there have long and complex Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, which are time-consuming and annoying at times.

The Swapzilla Solution.

SwapZilla's Short Investment Presentation

Swapzilla is, however, coming to change the game by providing investors with an up to date market infrastructure which is going to help eliminate all of the problems that I have mentioned above. Swapzilla is planning to do so by offering a list of all tokens in the crypto space, all exchanges for me to select from, all news streams for me to keep up to date with developments in the crypto market and all the trading tools and functions. I believe that my trading experience is going to be greatly improved because a single login is going to give me access to everything I need to trade cryptos conveniently.


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