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Are you going on a family vacation soon? Or maybe a business trip with your colleagues? You will require to find a perfect hotel or apartment in your destination where your family or workmates can have the best trip of their lives! I understand the stress and hassle that finding and booking the right property comes with. That is why I am bringing you a project that is going to change your lives people!

As I have stated earlier, booking services are plagued with numerous issues recently. Behemoths in this industry, such as Airbnb are being faced with the issue of fraudsters among others, such as fighting their dispute settlement systems, limiting direct value exchange between parties related to the platform. The list of challenges of modern peer to peer sharing services continues. This industry requires an immediate solution to help people have an easy time while looking for and booking hotels and apartments from around the world.

One of the best advancements to hit the technology industry has been blockchain. We are not new to the numerous beneficial features of blockchain technology. Now, today’s project is a blockchain-based home-sharing platform that is going to completely revolutionize the entire home-sharing industry. I am talking about having a platform where you can find the most luxurious and high-quality properties from all around the globe at affordable prices.

Bestay is the name of today’s project, your one-stop solution to satisfy all your traveling needs. Bestay is equipped with amazing features such as a high-security system where all the user data is safe and not subject to any alteration by anyone. You no longer have to be worried about losing your hard-earned money while trying to book your family a hotel in Miami or any other tourist destination in the world.

Another amazing feature of Bestay is seamless and secure transactions, which are all powered by blockchain technology and smart contracts. Making a payment for your preferred apartment in the Bahamas is going to be simplified, even when you are living in another country. This is because blockchain technology allows cross border transactions without having to pay all the associated fees such as high taxes and ridiculously high service fees.

Intermediaries are going to be eliminated, like the banking institutions, which end up taking so much money from people in the name of transaction fees. There are going to be transaction fees while making transactions on Bestay, but they are going to be very minimal. Thanks to Bestay, you will be able to have that long wait for vacation with your family and spend it in a wonderful and luxurious hotel which will have cost you less money.


Booking a hotel room or apartment for your vacation is going to be a piece of cake with Bestay, which is why you are encouraged to purchase your BSY tokens immediately to help actualize this amazing platform. Get to enjoy the power and benefit of blockchain technology, which is helping bring you state of the art vacation destination properties from all around the world. Property owners also get to have their hotels and apartments showcased to an audience of travelers.

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