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There are some exciting updates to the Everdragons concept which will be released over the coming weeks. The expansion to POA has given us more scope on what is possible, with the low cost, super fast transactions, making the game a lot cheaper for players.

So here’s what to expect:


The newest attribute of the Everdragons is fullness. Since participating in games is hungry work, Everdragons will not participate in the games with empty bellies. Players will have to pay to feed their dragons, but the good news is there are no more entry fees for games.

Fullness points decrease every time you enter a game.
Max fullness is initially 100 but dragons with more experience can eat more!



Everdragons can now win Gold Coins in the games which they pass on to their owners. These coins can be used to feed your dragons, or can be sold back to the platform in exchange for POA.
There will be many more items which can be won in the games including Gems which can be used to access mini games or sold on the marketplace.


Achievement System

The achievement system is designed for two reasons:

To reward active players.
Players who reach these achievements will receive dividend payouts from the platform. The more you achieve, the higher percentage of dividends you receive.
To make it easy for new players to get into blockchain.
There will be a variety of goals to achieve with associated tutorials to help people become familiar with and learn aspects of the blockchain.



The cubs are a seriously cute addition to the game and are cheaper than fully grown dragons.
Cubs cannot participate in the big dragon games but there will be cub games where they can participate to try and win copper coins.
Cubs are sold directly from the platform and by players.

Gen 0 Everdragons can spawn cubs every time they gain 100 Experience points.
Copper coins won in the cub games can be used to feed cubs or collected for discount on a fully grown dragon.



The leaderboard will be available for Everdragons and the cubs. The best performing dragons will be listed on the leaderboards which will be updated daily. Get on to the leaderboard and earn achievement points and generally show off!


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**Details may be subject to change.