Happy New Year with Everdragons!

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As we move into the new year it is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has gone by and remember all the highs and lows. Most of all, it is time to be thankful for the good times and celebrate the achievements.


2018 is the year Everdragons came to fruition. The year that the team came together with an idea that was too good to not pursue. Everdragons came to light on Jan 13th 2018 and the wheels started moving. It was decided pretty early on that Everdragons would be a true blockchain gaming platform as oppose to a blockchain enhanced browser game. We believe this birth of blockchain gaming provides a unique and short window to innovate and lay the foundations for the future of gaming and indeed blockchain. With that, we spent 2018 doing the ground work, creating a secure infrastructure and laying the foundations upon which Everdragons will grow and grow. We are delighted to end 2018 with a super smooth launch on TRON on the 26th of December and the launch of our NFT bridges on the 28th of December.


And so, in the spirit of being thankful and celebrating achievements, here’s what we’re proud of in 2018:

  • The first collectibles on two stand alone blockchains
  • The first collectibles on three stand alone blockchains
  • Creating bridges allowing players to move collectibles between chains
  • Pioneering triple chain NFT bridges
  • The first to integrate oracle services to power NFTs with real life events and creating a catalog of new possibilities
  • The first to implement a dynamic scarcity control algorithm on chain to ensure guaranteed scarcity of assets
  • The first to guarantee 100% uniqueness of gaming assets on chain
  • All this fully decentralized, with no log in or registration

Oh and the first ever dragons on the blockchain… and they came to stay. For ever!

We can also note successes in working closely with BaFin and the German financial office clarifying crypto taxation, legal obligations etc. But we’ll spare you the details ;) Just know, we’re also proud of that!

Of course our biggest achievement has been building a strong and supportive community and forging new and awesome friendships. Some of you have been with us since day one and have experienced the highs and lows of 2018 with us. We thank you for your loyal support, your kind words and honest feedback. You are helping to shape Everdragons and we appreciate every single one of you.


So what can we look forward to in 2019?

  • Games, games and more games
  • Achievement system with dividends for active players
  • Cubs for low cost (and cute) gaming
  • The big ‘Getting started with crypto’ campaign bringing new people to the blockchain
  • LOTS of very cool tech!

With 2019 looking good already, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year from the Everdragons team. Enjoy the last few days of the holidays and, as always, you can catch us on Telegram and Discord.

Telegram https://t.me/Everdragons
Discord https://discord.gg/y7JX7vB
Twitter https://twitter.com/4LDEverdragons
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/4LDEverdragons
Official Website https://everdragons.com


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