Everdragons TRON presale announced!

in #blockchain2 years ago

Clear your diaries for the 26th of December. The Everdragons TRON presale launches!


The plans for Everdragons expansion to TRON was announced at the beginning of December. Now we are excitedly looking forward to the first ever dragons born on TRON to go on sale. The much anticipated integration of TRON is a momentous occasion as Everdragons becomes the first ever DApp to bridge three standalone blockchains allowing players to move NFTs across chains.

To celebrate our launch on TRON, players will have the chance to snap up a bargain during the week long presale. Look out on the website for the special promo code.
Players can then look forward to a range of new games launching on the platform and start earning XP and gold coins!


Everdragons invites all current players and new players to join the Telegram and Discord channels to speak with the team and community and learn more about the platform!

Telegram https://t.me/Everdragons
Discord https://discord.gg/y7JX7vB
Twitter https://twitter.com/4LDEverdragons
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/4LDEverdragons/
Official Website https://everdragons.com