Ethereum congestion and what’s next for Everdragons

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As most followers of blockchain games are aware, the Ethereum network has been suffering high and volatile gas prices since June 30th at the hands of a Chinese exchange called fcoin. The beginning of fcoins voting process just so happened to be the very same day as Everdragons long awaited hatch day and almost one week on, we still have not been able to hatch eggs nor launch the marketplace.
Of course Everdragons is not the only dApp which has been hit a blow, with almost all Ethereum games displaying decreased activity and delays in launch dates, with inevitable increased frustration among players and developers alike.

What next?
With little to no cited information available about fcoins schedule, no one seems to have a definitive answer to when it will end, but it has brought Ethereums scaling issues to the forefront once again.
We at Everdragons are taking the time to continue development of our platform, doing extra testing and working on features that were planned for later in the project. We are also exploring options for the future if scalability on the Ethereum blockchain continues to be an issue. That said, we are confident that there will be a short term solution by consensus and a long term solution by sharding. Otherwise, what exactly is the future for Ethereum and all other current blockchains?

Sneak Peek
In the meantime, we thought we’d show our players what to expect when the marketplace launches.
The dragons that hatch from the presale eggs are Gen 0 Everdragons which later in the year will display a special feature. Users can identify Gen 0 dragons as they will be tagged as shown in the image below.
All preowned Everdragons can be listed for sale on the marketplace alongside the Newly Spawned Everdragons(NSE). Buyers can differentiate between the two as NSE’s will be displayed with a blue background as shown.


All Everdragons on the marketplace are sold via Reverse Auction Sytem. NSE’s will be sold between 0.5- 0.1 Eth, over a period of 48 hours. Players selling dragons can define Start and min price and the time frame for auction.
Anyone wishing to buy NSE’s can avail of the Promo Code, made popular during the pre-sale, to receive a 5% discount on the sale.


In the weeks after the marketplace launches, the first game will go live offering players the first chance to use their dragons and make some profit while having some fun at the same time.
One of the first games to be released will be The Race.
The Race is a game based on the course of the cryptocurrencies. The Dragons Power Sources which range between 1 and 32 correspond to the first 32 coins listed on As coins change position on coinmarketcap so do the coins the dragons power source connects them with. So a dragon with power source 7, would represent Stellar today but could very well represent Cardano in the next few days if Cardano manages to overtake Stellar and move up to postion 7.

stellar cardano.JPG

The course of the top 32 coins, determines the Dragons performance in the game. The dragon(s) associated with the coin that increases the most or decreases the least by percentage wins the race.
This game is limited to 10 participants but don’t worry if you miss a slot as once the ranks fill the race will start and another race will open. Each race lasts one hour and the small entry fee of 0.001 Eth makes up the prize pot which is awarded to the winning dragon(s).

This is the first of many games to come in Everdragons, others include the Theme Party, the Treasure Hunt, Go Genesis, The Quest and many more.

We will release more information about the upcoming games in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Telegram and Discord channels to find out more.

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