UnicornGO. The world of fabulous unicorns on the blockchain

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On February 28, the crypto-community will be presented with a new exciting game UnicornGO, reminiscent of a social network, as well as combining blockchain technology, augmented and virtual reality, and later, as developers say, game interface for controlling the character with the power of thought will be integrated into the game. This is not a joke or a prank. It’s pretty serious. In addition, UnicornGo will be the first game, integrated with the IZETEX platform https://izx.io/ in the part of the augmented reality.

UnicornGO is a collectible online game where users can own unicorns, land, sweets, also they can buy and sell unicorns on the trading floor, donate and cross unicorns among themselves.

The idea is very similar to the project launched last year, CryptoKitties, which almost paralyzed the Ethereum network for several days because of the numerous transactions of lovers of digital cats. The creators of UnicornGO went further making their own in-game currency CANDY coin with a limited issue of 12 million, and sewn into the gameplay a huge amount of smart contracts to leave from the primitiveness of the existing analogue.

The project UnicornGO, in turn, does not plan to initiate the ICO, there will be only a short pre-sale on the official website.

At the first stage, UnicornGO will use the Ethereum network and the erc-20 token. Augmented reality will work on the IZETEX network https://izx.io/. The most interesting is a memorandum of partnership with the Neuro Basis project, which will allow UnicornGO to become the first ever game using the computer-brain interface.

How to play

Users of UnicornGO can purchase, sell, buy, change and give each other unicorns and accessories to them — clothes, jewelry, land and houses. Unicorns will be able to live in special cities in their own homes, just as it does in the Sims game. Сandy trees, the fruits of which unicorns need to restore their strength, will be an important gaming artifact. The exchange stock will operate for the exchanging of game resources. Unicorns, surprisingly, at the beginning will be able to interact in two ways: to fight or mate. Or both interactions in turn. But in the future it will be possible to participate in virtual rallies, initiate public prayer to the main candy tree to create new planets, functions to teach unicorns the skills of dialogue, struggle will appear and much more. The rating of unicorns, which determines the popularity of the animal, based on collected likes and comments will be the element of the social network. The rating can be pumped for in-game currency, which will allow you to sell your unicorn more expensive or get more Candy Coin from another user for a mating session between unicorns to get offspring.

Mating unicorns — is the most interesting thing

The UnicornGO thing — is a realistic genetics, the developers put a strong emphasis on it. In the game fairy animals will be asexual, which in no way prevents them from crossing fast and getting offspring with the characteristics of their parents. But for users who want to keep the chastity of their crypto-horse, the game provides a gene-laboratory where you can change the appearance of the unicorn at will with a predictable result. Unicorns of the first generation will have a Gen-0 badge, and if we draw an analogy with crypto-kittens, it will be these individuals that will be hunted by crypto-collectors who are ready to buy a rare fairy animal for a hundred Ethereum.

No one will be surprised if Candy coin very soon finds itself on the good positions of the CoinMarketCap listing. The UnicornGo team had enough experience and imagination to create a fabulous world with the help of the most advanced technologies. So let’s saddle the fairytale unicorns and ride along the rainbow with the help of a blockchain!

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