New vision of Tamagotchi on blockchain

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In December of last year, a new fun was created on the blockchain — CryptoKitties, which was perceived by the crypto-community with enthusiasm and even led to a significant overload of the Ethereum network. The new vision of Tamagotchi is an unconditional curtsey towards the creator of the Ethereum — Vitalik Buterin, who used to state “Vitalik loves kitties” at diferrent conferences, and also has image of kitties on a bag, watch and often on T-shirts.

In the first week of spreading, enthusiasts bought kittens for 2.5 million dollars, the prices for cats ranged from 0.03 ETH to 250 ETH depending on the rarity of the breed. Kittens, by the way, are even capable of interbreeding, but the most expensive are cats of first generation. They will be the subject of crypto-collecting in the future.

The world saw how simple child’s play turned into a real value. And this is only the beginning of a new vision of Tamagotchi, but not the last one. In January 2018, there was an announcement of the alleged fork of cryptokitties — UnicornGo. A new blockchain-platform will offer to get as a pet fairytale unicorns that will live in augmented reality. Unlike cryptokitties, registered in the network of blockchain, unicorns will be connected with a specific geographical place of residence. A number of game actions that can be happened to unicorns will expand, so in addition to interbreeding, unicorns can also be trained. What exactly will the mythical creatures do — is unknown before the release, but we know that unicorns will evolve as a kind of avatar of their own user. Unicorns can be trained to sing, dance, talk, and we will be able to give them their own individual traits. UnicornGo will work on the basis of the blockchain networks Universa and IZX

We can assume that the creatures that are being created today will very soon become widespread and, out of almost child’s play, turn into totemic animals of their users, which can be explored in the same way as today we explore the profile of a person in social networks. The development of technologies of blockchain, augmented reality, neural networks, machine learning will give everyone the opportunity to create their own analog of the Apple’s Siri, which can be “brought up” for themselves.

Just imagine — you will be able to state standard answers to questions about yourself in Telegram or Facebook to your own virtual assistant. This will be a kind of response to the general fatigue of communication in social networks, free up time, and will also become a new round of development of boring standard chatbots.

“I’m not online but you can talk to my unicorn.” This is the message that millions of users around the world will see or some clever virtual cryptokitty.

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