Crypto-communism meets its end very soon

in blockchain •  9 months ago


In the summer of 2017, the bitcoin course set a record $ 2000 for that time. To the question of the ordinary inhabitant to himself “why did I put some of my savings into bitcoins,” the majority answered that it was already late. Nevertheless, then it was a time when any European pensioner could afford to buy one bitcoin. Crypto-enthusiasts began to master mining and trading, and thousands of new ICOs and crypto-currencies began to appear. States around the world have only begun to consider bitcoin seriously and determine their attitude towards it.

The situation has changed already at the end of 2017. Bitcoin broke through the mark of 20,000 dollars, other crypto-currencies followed him. New unknown before crypto-currencies hit the top ten coinmarketcap, volumes on crypto-exchanges increased at times, large investment funds joined the game. And in early 2018 a number of the largest exchanges suspended the registration of new accounts, either because of the transition to new servers, or perhaps because of the reluctance to administer clients with small deposits.

We assume that “crypto-communism”, when everyone can easily join the trading and the mining will cease very soon. Not because of state bans, but because of the capacity of the crypto-community. Due to the increasing number of new participants in the geometric progression, priority will be given, and it will be profitable only for large players. The exchanges have a bunch of tools to provide the participants with weighty deposits with privileges, it can be more favorable interest on orders, and more interesting conditions for withdrawing funds.

Repressive measures against crypto-currencies by the states will also lead to greater secrecy of this sphere, for example, “black market mark-up” and other complexities.

It is possible that very soon stock trades will have to be delegated to professional traders, and buying, for instance, bitcoin can be problematic because of the scarcity. At the same time, the general deflationary nature of crypto-economics already puts “early” crypto-enthusiasts in a more favorable position.


People, who who missed the dawn of the crypto-era, will be faced the fact and are simply forced to use various crypto-currencies in order, for example, to rent a car or to use the IZX crypto-currency in order to set up their own advertising campaign in augmented reality.

In fact, it is not so important at what moment exactly you have joined the world of blockchain and crypto-currencies. It is important how rationally you assessed the prospects for changes that will affect you personally in the near future. In the new crypto-digital world of blockchain the winner will be that one, who is more quickly retrained and ready to adapt himself just feeling the breeze of actual trends.

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