Crazy theory: crypto-miners load our reality

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Ilon Mask declared at a Code Conference 2016 that there is one chance by billion that our reality is not a computer simulation. This statement gave rise to several pseudo-scientific theories. It is actually true: our planet is located at the optimal distance from the Sun, we have a very complex composition of the atmosphere, there is a magnetic field protecting the Earth from solar radiation, and neither space car nor supernova explosion in a nearby galaxy has any effect on our existence. Of course, from the astronomy’s point of view, the time of the existence of an intelligent life on Earth is just a blink of an eye. The comfortable conditions for the existence of our species in a compartment with other conspiracy theories, disturb the conscience of fragile and strengthened minds with the mentality of various degree of mobility. Why does only Earth have one and rather big satellite Moon, which is always revolved to us by one part? Why since 1972 nobody made more attempts to visit it again? Well, the strangest unsolved riddle of physics is a famous experience, when photon arbitrarily behaves either as particle, or as wave, depending on the fact of supervision.

All of this gave birth to a lot of hypothesis with plenty of followers about us living in a computer simulation, and computational capacities of crypto-miners are necessary for that simulation to count itself. It sounds crazy, but advanced miners are asking themselves about the redundancy of the capacities required to process transactions in the blockchain. Maybe we are not a simulation, maybe someone intends to use the pooled miner capacities from around the world to create some stranger supercomputer. Perhaps one day our simulated world reach a level when we will be able to create a maximally realistic virtual world which people couldn’t distinguish from the real one, just like in “Westworld”. Are our creators just a simulation, and if it’s really so, what is the level of simulation? It is very funny to realize yourself as Tamagotchi, whose ambitions do not fall beyond the aquarium in the form of our planet Earth. All around seems very hard and real until you look through very powerful digital microscope and until you don’t see that solid objects are practically chaotic fermentation of elementary particles.

At this moment humanity has just learned how to kill representatives of its own kind a little less bloodthirsty and massively, and has started the development of virtual and augmented reality at the children’s level, for example, in the form of catching crypto-tokenes IZX


Maybe we all should find another toy for our minds, because simulation, indistinguishable from reality, essentially ceases to be a simulation. If a higher-level simulation is not available for us now, it’s pointless to talk about it. It’s better to hunt the IZX tokens — there is everything clear about it.

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