How Starbucks and YouTube Mine Crypto - Programmer explains

in blockchain •  9 months ago

You may have heard that companies such as Starbucks were able to mine cryptocurrency using their customers laptops. How did they manage to pull that off?

Let's take a look at the code and learn! Hope you enjoy guys!


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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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Thank you Ivan... another informative video. I think antivirus should be able to scan the code and warn the user about it.

Shouldn't they be asking for permission?


yes they should!

This was an amazing demo. Very interesting. How did Starbucks get involved in secretly mining Monero?

Very interesting video. Thank you for that.
I wonder if there is any way to check if a website is using javascript to mine on your computer? According to your explanation it would be very easy for anyone to use this technique.
How would I know if my computer is being used to mine for someone?


Well you can easily check the javascript code.


That's true, though I think it might be difficult and tedious to go through all the code of every page you look at unless you had reasonable suspicion you were being used to mine.
I was hoping there might be some tell-tale signs or other ways of checking (like looking at the processes running on your machine).
I took a look at your home page by the way. You've got some very interesting articles there so I decided to follow you. Keep up the good work! :D


Yes you are right. Because it is "normal" javaScript code you won't see something special at the processes. As long as coinhive is used the best way seems to be to write a Browser Plugin, which searches the JavaScript Code for the String "Coinhive"..

Thank you. I am very happy that you like my contributions


I discovered this article that gave some pointers. Turns out people have already written browser extensions for this purpose too.

Every single post from you are always very informative, am proud to be one of you thousands follower.

Fantastic video with very good information is important this contribution to the community greetings thanks for sharing greetings friend

Wow, I call that malware!

Another really nice video!

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I tried to use coinbase on my forum to mine some Monero without having ads on it. Sadly EVERY SINGLE ANTIVIRUS thinks its a virus and blocked my forum. I set it up to ask the user for permission and yet its the same. Sadly i don't think i will be able to use it legit because of people scamming the system.