Bitcoin price to $7.5k? Monero Gold Scam, Ledger Attack, Exchange Inspection, Vitalik ETH, GitHub

in blockchain •  10 months ago

Welcome to another morning crypto episode! Today the topics are Bitcoin price to $7.5k? Ledger Attack, Japan Exchange Inspection, Vitalik donates ETH, GitHub stats and of course we're going to check the network stats and Github stats.

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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Bitcoin at the time of writing is below $7000. Hope market recovers soon.

Many people don’t have patience. However, market is still up up almost 800%. And even if market correction gets 4 or 5 Times more , we still in an uptrend . The technology of Blockchain will not go anywhere .. just little patience and faith needed.

Great explanation of the Ledger issue. I really like these updates.

Only people who came in crypto for quick money panic these days. If you believe in tech potential and think long term than you don't care for this pullbacks. In fact they are necessarily for the market and this is a good chance to buy cheap some quality coins. I have raised my BTC,EOS, BTS, NEO, TRX, ETP, BCO and COSS holdings.

So much a gwanin, def like the shorter format

hopefully bitcoin remains a mainstay to invest the future of people in the world


I agree .. and add : the technology behind the coins is the real mainstream which will not turn back !


I hope so too! Time will show!

Its a red Sea all around. Really this market need some positive news. We see November back. Just dont understand if its a right time for the one who missed out in December or could show us January, 2017.


Needs patience and faith more than the good news. News are changeable and manipulatable , but patience and faith are not!

@ivanli I gave you a huge shout out in this one! Great interview!
Bitcoin at 6k! Let's change the subject. Have you guys seen Ivan & Richards interview? My 2 cents Ivan-on-Tech-debates-Richard-Heart-Bitcoin-Ethereum-IOTA-Crypto-Bubble-Tether-Satoshi.jpg

Everyone should keep their cool. The market will jump back up like it always does.

thanks for the information, this is very helpful to my friend

thanks for the information, this is very helpful to my friend

7500 USD was a bit optimistic, not it's 7300 :O

Hi guys, please don't be mad at me. It's just that I have an unpopular opinion..
I do agree that a decentralised currency would have a positive impact on the world, changing the financial sector for the better. I watch your video's and others like Boxmining. Read books as "The age of cryptocurrencies" & "Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin" and I don't consider myself as a noob nor an expert. What bothers me is that cryptocurrencies are not widely accessible for small budget people like me. I live on the minimum due to health issues and I have tried a lot of options out there. To enter the cryptoworld I only have the option of firstly buying btc or ltc. I can't buy €10 worth of btc nowadays, due to the high transaction fees. I know the lightning network would change this dramatically, but that's not the case now. Don't misunderstand me, I don't hate crypto. I realised that btc as a currency as of now is useless, there's is little incentive for Chinese consumers & retailers to accept btc. The system of WeChat-pay, AliPay & Union provides much cheaper transaction cost. Even though it's regulated by the government, it's still a huge obstacle for btc to overcome. Other cryptocurrencies have more potential as a currency but most of them are not scalable.
As of now, my stance on btc is not to invest in it anymore. With all the hard forks that had been done and still coming, the brand Bitcoin is diluted in my opinion.
To see btc as a digital gold is an option, but the worth of btc is still based on consensus. What is keeping people from dropping btc as digital gold in favor of another crypto gold?
I believe in the technology behind btc and that will have an impact, but I do not see our World using btc as a currency. I hope that people reading my comment won't roast me, call me names etc. I think open discussion is needed and crypto-enthusiasts shouldn't blindly see it as FUD or downplaying btc.

Bitcoin Resistance is located at nearly $4800,so let us have patience

EthereumBlue BLUE - Security and Convenience in Cryptocurrency tweeted @ 04 Feb 2018 - 00:59 UTC

Another case of integer overflows used to scam millions of dollars. Can we please discuss a hard fork of Ethereum f……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Are wallets on Decentralized exchanges a safe and secure way to store your coins?


It is a project, right? so it my go down, shut down, etc... so the only way to keep you ur coins safe is just transfer them to your Hardware wallet. In my opinion there are some safe places to store:
Exodus PC/MAC wallet, Ledger Nano S wallet, Trezor wallet, or I usually go to coin's website and download the wallet to my PC/MAC and keep my coins on my PC/MAC. Good exsample is Davor coin or Bitconnect. Projects are gone, never be the same as it was, but actual coins have blockchain so they will always be, and you can keep them on your wallet on your PC/MAC :) Thanks :)

Ivan hi do you plan to visit Oslo, Norway maybe in the next few months? :)

Which trading platform is the cheapest and best? Can I purchase Steem thru my wallet with a debit card? I keep getting a blank page. Great info. I'm going to follow you and do more research from your earlier posts. Is the academy free? Joy

Great job @ivanli like every day!!!
THX for the information about the Ledger issue.
But unfortunately it's no surprise.