Isegoria Team Growing, Retains CFO & CTO

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Contact: Sam Eaton

Chief Marketing Officer, Isegoria

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Isegoria has retained the services of Illumnine to help move the ISE platform forward in its development. Patrick Devereaux, Co-Founder of Illumnine, will be Isegoria’s acting Chief Financial Officer, and Mayur Moudhgalya, Chief Technical Officer of Block Blox, will be acting Chief Technical Officer.

In joining Isegoria, the experience and expertise of Devereaux and Moudhgalya will facilitate the development of the platform. With their extensive backgrounds in technology, finance and the blockchain industry, Devereaux and Moudhgalya are the premier providers of vital strategies to help maintain the vision and ensure the success of Isegoria.

About Isegoria and founder Ben Swann

Isegoria’s mission is to create an uncensored, blockchain-based, decentralized news and entertainment platform with a funding mechanism for independent media, spearheaded by multi-award winning investigative journalist Ben Swann, whose social following is nearing 1,000,000 subscribers. Isegoria will be a collaboration of independent journalists and entertainers.

“ISE Media is thrilled to work with Illumnine, not simply because of their understanding of the developing tech and media space, but because of their belief in free speech and the need for a true decentralized news and entertainment network,” said Swann.

Ben has spent 20 years as a journalist in broadcast news behind and in front of the camera spanning multiple states and news stations. He is a two-time Lone Star Emmy Award winner and three-time Edward R. Murrow Award winner, in addition to numerous regional awards received. Ben is one of the most-watched local news anchors in history with hundreds of millions of combined views on his videos. Unlike most news personalities, Ben has an audience with widely diverse political, social and geographic backgrounds, and has been a longstanding advocate of independent content creation.

About Illumnine

As a premium, full-service business incubator, Illumnine supports its global client-base with all aspects of their businesses and is uniquely qualified to assist with blockchain development and its effective utilization. The company was founded as a partnership between two blockchain industry leaders, Team McAfee and Apereum. Co-founders John McAfee, Bruce Heidelberg and Tommy Austin of Team McAfee, along with Devereaux, comprise the team of Illumnine. Together, they form a comprehensive consulting team dedicated to using their superior technological wisdom and extensive network of experts to provide highly effective business development and incredible growth strategies.

About Patrick Devereaux

Patrick Devereaux’s background in finance and accounting goes back more than a decade with diverse experience in a variety of industries. He has worked for CPA firms as a staff accountant, run his own consulting firm, and most recently has been CFO of multiple start-ups and an Advisor to companies raising funds to support the adaptation of blockchain technology. Devereaux’s interest in the crypto space dates back to his involvement with one of America’s first bitcoin ATMs. His knowledge of tax code and other regulatory bodies has proven its value many times over, saving some companies millions of dollars in tax liabilities. Devereaux educates his clients on best practices, policies, and procedures with a focus on operational longevity. His hands on approach can help effectuate a Business’s vision.

“Take a look at the news- aren’t you tired of the blatant, unaccountable verbal diarrhea?” said Devereaux. “Isegoria will change this by having exclusive and meaningful content driven by a community that will reshape the current media outlet paradigm.”

About Mayur Moudhgalya

Mayur Moudhgalya, who is widely considered a blockchain votarient, has shown a commitment to all aspects of the industry. His mark can be found throughout the community, from creating, implementing and refining strategy as well as system design. He has shown top rated proficiency in areas that include navigating compliance, global regulatory issues, PCI assessments, best-practice brand development strategies, and implementation.

He has been working as a trusted private advisor to key investors and investment groups and for select clients, he serves as a primary contact for capital and resource development for a variety of complex projects. Moudhgalya has developed strong relationships throughout the blockchain community with the ultimate goal of enhancing the tight-knit culture and raising the bar technologically.

“We at Isegoria believe that there is a significant void left by the mainstream media filled with opinion panelists and armchair pundits who provide a perspective that isn’t close to the facts and don’t address real world challenges faced by real people,” said Moudhgalya. “We are poised to create a platform that delivers unbiased, unfiltered information straight to our discerning audience that are not ‘alternate facts’. We are committed to making the media industry radically transparent, open to criticism yet deliver undeniable, crowd sourced facts to everyone who wants to join our cause. Want to be a part of it?”

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