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What Is ???

In the 21st century, which is portrayed as the time of computerized innovation, it is important to rapidly react to all the continuous changes and advancements, for example, the presence of new logical improvements. Different associations utilize programming that encourages them upgrade business forms as well as make their work more productive. Additionally, soon, a sharp increment popular for programming advancement is anticipated. In any case, It ought to be noticed that the absence of straightforwardness in the computations between the contractual worker and the client frequently prompts the rise of doubt between them. Venture Engineer intends to acquaint an imaginative methodology with making programming.

Designer is a biological system in view of the utilization of blockchain innovation. It enables individuals to make their very own projects quicker, set aside some cash and make more noteworthy progress.

Our Mission's improvement group is built up and experienced with a current system of 26,000 designers, 3,200 customers, $23 million in stage income, and 150 percent year on year development. Rotating to a blockchain and AI-driven model will industrialize our procedure and permit us scale all inclusive and accomplish our key objectives.

The Engineer Platform

Why get most projects fail and what is good?

According to the accessible measurements, 91% of all bespoke programming advancement ventures fall flat since coding improvement still exist in the pre-modern world. Numerous designers confront issues in making impeccable apparatuses for an association since customers neglect to precisely portray what they truly need. Engineers invest their energy composing code that as of now exists and which causes expanded costs, wasteful aspects, and broadened due dates.

To finish the venture precisely as indicated by the customer's needs, the customer must trust that the specialist organization will do the best employment and send it in the given time period. What's more, the engineer needs to get to extremely critical insights about the venture to create what the customer needs and furthermore inside the time period required. Both the customer and the conveyance partners neglect to work together proficiently on account of wrong correspondence and that is the thing that needs to understand.

The solution is displayed by wants to implement the latest solutions offered by blockchain and AI technology to the current model of the customized software development process. It offers an ecosystem that eliminates the development of "black boxes" and shifts them to the assembly line. This ecosystem displays drag and drop user interfaces along with a built-in artificial intelligence technology project builder. This helps clients conceptualize their ideas. This ecosystem has a component library that effectively eliminates the need to write pre-existing code because the code is automatically entered during the development process.

The Engineer AI Ecosystem

  1. Clients use the drag and drop interface to create their idea. They pay a weekly deposit of NAYA tokens to commence work.

  2. AI selects components from existing building blocks to build the project.

  3. Scored & verified delivery stakeholders are assigned builder cards with atomic level details.

  4. Multiple, independent staked partners verify the deliverables.

  5. Successful projects will automatically release escrowed funds via blockchain smart contract.

  6. Hosting and maintenance are managed by AI & Cloud ops cost are automatically arbitraged.


Token Details

  • Token price: 1 NAYA = 0.1 USD
  • Goal of funding: 20.000.000 USD
  • Tokens for sale: 200.000.000 NAYA
  • Currencies: ETH, BTC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Location: Cayman Islands
  • Restricted areas: China, United States of America



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Our Advisors

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