ITC Progress Update 21/7/2018–27/7/2018

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屏幕快照 2018-07-29 下午1.16.18.png


Main chain:

[Done] JSON-RPC: Interface definition and implementation of two main APIs
●Private API: account management, hot configuration reloading, and module switching
●Public API: wrapped database interface, transaction and block submission, and blockchain statistics querying

[Done] S/KAD Protocol: Securenode discovery protocol

[Done] Multi-currency wallet
●UI for index, create, import, transact, confirm, and passphrase functionality
●Test transfer interface on test network (ETH, ERC20)

[Done] Wallet: Redux for UI state and caching global state data

Light Nodes:

Completed the master-slave hybrid and enabled multiple node connections
●[In-Progress] Chip module debugging
●[In-Progress]Chip module home scene function upgrades

Asymmetric ECC implementation algorithm for chips
●[In-Progress] Algorithm coding



Number of token holders16,595+6.72%
Number of transactions47,331+12.58%

(Data source:



Chinese communityNumber%
WeChat & QQ7,610-0.35%
Overseas communityNumber%


Blockchain x Industry #3

1/8/2018 • Seoul, Korea
屏幕快照 2018-07-30 上午9.38.12.png

2018 Huobi Carnival

2/8/2018–3/8/2018 • Seoul, Korea
![屏幕快照 2018-07-30 上午9.38.05.png]


Multi-currency wallet

Provides digital wallet functions for different cryptocurrencies on multiple blockchains, such as ITC and ETH.

Reactive storage

A JavaScript library that supports cross-platform and local persistent storage.

Etherscan API

An Application Programming Interface (API) for querying information such as transaction data and account balances on the Ethereum blockchain.


Also known as Web3.js, Web3 is a JavaScript library provided by Ethereum. It is encapsulated within the Ethereum JSON-RPC API. It provides a series of JavaScript objects and functions that interact with the Ethereum blockchain, which can be used to query transactions and blocks and call smart contracts.


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It is a great milestone achieved having the wallet implemented. Looking forwards to next week's update.


yeah, i agree wallet is very important to a blockchain project am very glad they have implemented it


Well it's where everyone is going to store their ITC tokens on the IoT Chain platform so of course it's massive news!! Can't wait for the next release/update!


That is the good side of things they are constantly pushing their weekly updates; at least we are certain progress is present.

Nice weekly report.. Thanks for the update.

nice update, thank you. really interesting, that the tokenhodlers become more and more. the trust that the value rises, grows


Yeah, also, +12.58% is an impressive increasing in number of transactions.


This number will grow up as ITC is close to launching the testnet and mainnet as well.


Its a slow steady growth as they get more attention i think, hopefully a good portion of them will be longterm holders and not just short term traders

ITC providing updates in multiple languages and at multiple platform, that too regularly.


I believe it's just in dual languages. English and Korean. I stand to be corrected though but that's the much I have seen

Always nice to see the team ensuring their community stay updated.

Great to see you guys posting regular updates.

I see the market value and social community has indeed increased considerably and a fact that the project is moving forward, this is really nice

their community is really increasing am happy for them


Yes, with the release of there hardware, i'm sure that a lot more investors will be interested in the project, thereby increasing the community base

Any news on the next update? Wasn't it due today, sorry if i'm rushy but i really look forward to hearing how things are progressing hope the team can continue to push out these updates often