Top 20 Most (And Least) Trusted ICO-Media Brands (full article)

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Quarterly Bulletin-2017 Q3 Report

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The amount of great ICO Info websites has exploded recently, giving its users easy-to-access features and much more. The only problem is figuring out which ICO Media service to use and which one will make the process of finding a great Token Sale fast, easy and effortless. Looking for an ICO Media website can get pretty overwhelming. Each one is different, and each has their own unique features, advantages and of course… disadvantages.
Trust is everything in the Blockchain industry. That’s why each quarter we update the ICO Media Trust Index℠, a comprehensive listing of brands based our subscribers picked as the most (and least) trusted. This quarter’s report features the sentiment of over 10000 Orient & Pacific subscribers of THE ICOBUZZ© QUARTERLY

Here are the brands they’ve picked as the most (and least) trusted.

Table 1   2017 Q3  with Headline and background.png

Winners by Category!
We have winning ICO Media websites for every category in our multi-step-evaluation! And just how is this chapter useful for you? For example, if your top priority in an ICO tracker is that it be extremely easy to use, our winner in the usability section is likely to be what you are looking for.

  1. Usable Design: (Token Market , Smith+Crown , Cryptocompare , ICO Report )
    WHY AND HOW IS USABILITY IMPORTANT? If you visited a beautiful and functional ICO tracker, but in order to get there you have to lose your mind trying to figure out how it works, perhaps it’s not really worth it. That’s why usability is the first point on our checklist.
  2. Friendliness: (Token Market , Cryptosmile, ICO Report , Coin Desk
    THE Friendly APPEARANCE OF a SITE HAS A HUGE IMPACT! If a web page loads as soon as you click on it, but it is just a basic, non-appealing, boring template, all visitors will leave just as fast as they got there. Therefore, it is important to have a nice, modern, friendly design.
  3. Responsiveness (Cointelegraph , Cryptocompare, Smith+Crown , Coinshedule
    IS a WEBSITE MOBILE FRIENDLY? You may be surprised to know that most of the visitors to any website are coming from a mobile device, even if you are reading these very words from the tiny shiny screen of your smartphone. This is why it is so important that the user experience of any online service — especially for the mobile visitors — is absolutely top notch. It should at least be as good as the regular website itself.
  4. Features (Cryptocompare, Token Market , Smith+Crown )
    Most of the time, the differentiative factor in an info website — what makes it better or at least different than the rest of its competitors — comes down to one thing: the features. Maybe it’s a rating system, perhaps it’s a cool community forum or a useful editor’s recommendations. Or it could be all of them! As many as they could be, we go through all of the available features in the given ICO Media website to show you all the possibilities and tools offered!
  5. Community Integrations (Cryptocompare , ICO Countdown
    Does an ICO informer integrate plugins to facilitate mail subscription, membership, commenting on chats and forums and other features?
  6. Loading Speed (Token Market , Cryptocompare, ICO Report , Smith+Crown )
    LOADING SPEED IS IMPORTANT, BUT WHY? A website may have big colorful charts, attractive illustrated press releases, or highly effective videos. But if it takes 30 seconds to load all that beautiful content, nobody will ever wait to see how amazing this page is.
  7. Customer Support (ICO Report , Token Market , ICO Countdown , Cointelegraph )
    EVERYONE NEEDS A LITTLE HELP! IS THE WEBSITE SUPPORTIVE ENOUGH? Even with the most comfortable, intuitive ICO tracker on the market, questions are going to be inevitable. We know that. That’s why we want you to find a website that offers only the best customer support.
  8. Pricing policy (Token Market , Crypto Compare, ICO Report , Coin Telegraph , ICO Countdown
    MONEY IS THE KEY TO OPENING MANY, MANY DOORS. Almost all ICO Media websites available offer free basic ICO listing. Keep in mind that most of their best features come only with their paid plans, but are they worth it? Are their prices comparable to the other options on the market? That’s what we look at in this section. We review not only the different ICO informerss’ prices, but also the features included under each package, the price models, the paying options, the hidden discounts — if any — , and even their billing practices. When it comes to money, we want to make sure everything goes safe and sound for you, our reader!

We Put The Internet’s Most Popular ICO MEDIA Websites Through Some of The Most Critical Analysis and Testing Ever Conducted.

How This Report Helps crypto crowd:
Recommendations and word-of-mouth referrals are the best way for small projects to acquire customers, and we’ve taken the same approach to help newcomers select which brands/services to work with. While it can be helpful to speak with a company representative or read third-party reviews sites, the most valuable information comes from a trusted network of fellow blockchain enthusiasts. The power of this approach is twofold: First, when making important decisions, you can quickly see which brands other decentralized community members rely on and why. Second, you can find peace of mind knowing that these ratings were shared by a trusted network of blockchain lovers.
Key Findings From This Quarter’s Report:

  • For the third quarter in a row, TokenMarket emerges as the “Most Trusted Brand by Crypto Crowd” as customers love its clean design, reliability and effective paid services.
    Token Market, ICO Countdown, Smith and Crown, Cointelegraph and ICO Report round out the Top 5 Most Trusted Brands. Whether it’s Token Market’s widest range of upcoming crowdsales, Smith and Crown range of due diligence data, or the seamless UIX and listing processing features of ICO Report, these brands solve mission-critical problems — and crypto lovers are able to depend on them.
    Lianguwang is the only new entry into the Top 20 Most Trusted ICOtracker Brands. The online service not only helps ICO teams get new contributors, but also support loyalty and keep contributors coming back.
    Table 2    2017  Q3 with Headline and background.png
    WE PICKED THE TOP WINNERS!Finally, after an intense review and evaluation process, we narrowed down the overall winners with the highest ratings. As we continue to evaluate new ICO media brands, we will update this winners list every quarter for you as well!
  1. Token Market

  2. Smith and Crown

  3. Crypto Compare

  4. Coin Desk

  5. ICO Report

  6. Coin Telegraph h

  7. ICO Countdown

  8. Crypto Smile

  9. Bifabu

  10. Coin schedule

  11. ICO List12. Dogelytics13. LHang14. ICO Bazaar15. Coin TLDR16. Happy Coin 17. Cyber Fund18. BTC919. BiViews20. Lianguwang
    Table 3 2017 Q3 with Headline and background.png
    Although we work hard to provide you with the complete picture of every ICO Media website with reviews, we are sure we will not be able to cover every single issue involved in working with every tracker.
    We are still dedicated to make a complete review site so that you don’t have to go somewhere else to find in-depth knowledge of several ICO info websites. This is why we have our user review system where real users write their experiences with their choice of informers.
    Hopefully with time, we will be able to cover all points of concern involved for all ICO media. This is our end goal.
    Please, subscribe to our Quarterly Bulletin , it’s free!

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