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We are pleased to announce that our WHITELIST(https://my.inscoin.co/register) has been officially opened.

We decided to create this WHITELIST following the interest created by our ico after the presentation of the project at ICORace in Lugano, an important European event where all the major experts of the blockchain world and many institutional investors were present.

To protect the investors who have been following us for longer, we have therefore decided to allow the investment, in the first 3 days of Preico, only to people who have registered with the whitelist of a certain number of tokens that will be calculated when the list is closed.

This will ensure that as many people as possible can participate in our project and that the distribution of tokens is as diverse as possible.

Let's now see our bonus in detail.
We have decided to include two types of bonus in our ICO.


Pre-ICO Bonus

1 Week of PREico: 30%.
2 Week of PREico: 25%.

ICO Bonus

1-10 days of ICO: 20%.
11-20 days of ICO: 15%.
21-30 days of ICO: 10%.

In addition to these bonuses we have included an additional benefit for those who decide to invest a certain amount of ETH in our project

During the Token Sale (Pre-ICO and ICO) there will be Bonus based on investment amount.
For 10 - 29 ETH will be a +5% Bonus of INSC In addition to the periodical bonus.
For 30 - 49 ETH will be a +10% Bonus of INSC In addition to the periodical bonus.
For > 50 ETH will be a +15% Bonus of INSC In addition to the periodical bonus

This bonus structure allows first investors, if they invest 50 or more ETHs, to get a 45% (30%+15%) bonus on the full ICO price.

For Further details

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This is a great project with potentials..



good luck

Interested Project


Looks like its got potential

good project I will support the team. hope to build a strong community

amazing idea



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This is another one for life changing

Great project guys....I wish you all the best during these bearish times in the crypto world...

great project good lucky for project



This is great. I will go with you all the way

Looks like its got potential

What is vision of @inscoin ? if we invite some people join ICO we can get extra income?

Sorry. short on power. can't upvote

Great project


I believe the project is going to be a great one, let join our hand unhesitating to help promote it.. To the moon


Great Project..

good project

Отличный проект

Great and promising project. Looking forward for development of the project and the implementation of the long term plan for the project.


hope this will be a worthful project

Hey! Go ahead project

This looks like a beautiful project. This is something that our space needs. I hope it is successful!

Great project

A great project~

nice project


promising project

I really like this project . I hope that Inscoin will be more popular in the near future

Project looks promising. Will follow up.

Отличный проект, жду роста

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Has A good Project will be goood in future

A wonderful project with a good idea

Great project guys!

The project has my attention! Will be watching closely :)

Not a bad project people better sign up.

This will ensure that as many people as possible can participate in our project .. nice project @inscoin

This cryptocoin already has made a great attraction to all. I am very excited with this project.



Great project!

Awesome project looking forward to it!

Good :)

Great project! really love it

Nice Project, hoping that will move forward strongly.

one of the best ico ever seen

Integration of blockchain technology into insurance industry is pretty promising business. You will be pioneers of insurance of new era

This is an awesome project with the mission of INS it will surely be a game changer on the crypto industry and surely will help give solutions to many issues concerning the crypto industry today will be keep on watching the progress and development of INS coin.

Nice to Join your project