Best articles to learn about Blockchain from InnMind

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Want to upgrade your knowledge within the blockchain field, but don't know what to start from?
We've selected for you the excellent articles, posted by entrepreneurs and experts on InnMind, who share their knowledge on certain aspects of blockchain technology, analyse and forecast its future development.

Analysing ICO startups: tips by ICO Rating

Assessment of the startup is one of the most challenging tasks while identifying the investment opportunity, both in traditional VC and new ICO markets. How to assess the team, what should be considered in the financial analysis, how to see the real market potential, how strong is the business model and what are the risks to pay attention to? These and many other questions should be considered while the procedure of startup assessment and due diligence.

Kirill Kozlov, head of analytics in ICO Rating, describes in this article how to analyse ICO startups and what are the major factors for assessment and scoring of the ICOs. Read the article

Top Predictions about Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the increased key technology for all enterprises because of their sure transactions and the security of their data. With the help of blockchain the enterprises can track their transactions in a secured way. Technical benefits of this technology are widely accepted like many companies use this to make budget decision, and test the project or implementing the project, and for deciding what tools are required for that project, predicting what are the challenges have to face.

But what are the changes happening in this industry in 2019? Author of this post have listed some of the top predictions regarding the blockchain and what might happen in 2019. Read the article

Blockchain: To Secure the IoT (Internet of Things)

The blockchain is an outstanding technology with a huge potential to help IoT in different ways. Author of this article tries to summarize the Blockchain technology and how it can be related to IoT. These two technologies are the most talked technologies in today's world. These are the initial stage and have huge potential and there are a lot of activities going to take place in the development of them and exploring the interesting uses and features of the technologies. Read the article

ICO jurisdictions (Israel and Switzerland)

Most of blockchain and crypto startups in nowadays pay a lot of attention to which jurisdiction to choose for the fundraising campaign and project development. InnMind conducted an open webinar with experts from Switzerland and Israeli to explore these two jurisdictions for blockchain businesses, in particular - for conducting an ICO. In this article, there is a summary of the pros and cons of these jurisdictions. Read the article

28 use cases of blockchain in industrial sectors

Technology is the core, but what is even more important is the use case, where this or that technology can bring maximum benefits for businesses. Same is relevant for blockchain. In this article, authors selected 28 most demanded use cases for implementation of the blockchain technology in different industries, and top companies in each industry, which are working on particular use cases of the blockchain. Read the article

ICO is not a way to raise funds. It’s a way to start your network

In this post Daniel Zakrisson, CEO at startup accelerator answers the question why startuper founders should initially treat an ICO as a tool for growing their business rather than just raise funds. Read the article