(Announcement) IMU token presale starts March 1

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We are proud to announce that the presale of IMU tokens will start from March 1. During the presale, you can buy IMU's at a discount of 30%. We are accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEO.

The total supply of 1,000,000,000 ϑ IMU tokens will be distributed in an effort to maintain the long-term value of the imusify platform and network while taking into consideration the basic economic factors that can affect the viability of a utility token.


IMU tokens will primarily be used to

  • Provide reward payments to artists on a per stream basis
  • Reward users for curating and contributing to content
  • Purchase and license content
  • Crowdfund artist projects
  • Exchange value between service providers and creators

For the purposes of participating in the imusify Token Sale, any token buyer will need to undergo a know-your-customer procedure as required by applicable KYC/AML laws and regulations. You can register to participate in the imusify Token Sale at https://tokensale.imusify.com

Read more about imusify, here's the whitepaper: https://imusify.com/whitepaper.pdf


Awesome! & congratulations on the progress of this idea!

Thank you for your lovely support!

And little by little, the Imusify project is gaining momentum and developing to a huge project that it rightfully is. Wish you well on your progress!

Thank you for your kind words. Some amazing announcements on the way.

Looking forward to the token sale.

imusify is focused on building a platform to serve the immediate needs of
current participants in the music industry while providing an open innovation space for developing new means of interaction and value exchange to serve the music economy in the near and distant future.

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