Sony Details Blockchain Use for Education Data

in #blockchain5 years ago

A new patent filing from Sony highlights how the Japanese tech conglomerate may be using blockchain as part of an education platform.


In August, Sony introduced that it turned into running with IBM to construct a collection of educational services, which could use the tech in component to comfy pupil data and shape part of a device for sharing that facts between agreed-upon events.

As the application explains:

"In this example, the [blockchain], which is a trust chain, may be used to store information such as education experiences, certificates and so on of a user. The information contains, for example, studying which courses and possessing which certificates. In addition, based on concepts of a smart contract and a smart property, knowledge may also be exchanged, transacted and transferred via the block chain as a property."

The filing, entitled "digital equipment, approach for digital equipment and information Processing device," recommendations at different feasible uses for the tech as properly, including for connecting vehicles across a common network.

That "net of vehicle" community would, as estimated, enable automobiles to record road situations to one another, according to the software's authors.

"by way of making use of the electronic apparatus of the present disclosure to a car (i.e., a node), believe can be transferred between uncorrelated entities the use of the [blockchain] generation, and real and valid real-time road conditions information is obtained in real-time according to the consensus," they wrote. "In this way, decentralized real-time road conditions observation and further a navigation system may be realized."

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