Disrupting high energy consuming crypto ecosystem

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Cryptocurrency ecosystem has to be rescued from the imminent danger zone into which traditional networks and data usage could possibly push it.

It is no gain saying that networks supplied by traditional systems in wireless fidelity (WiFi) and NB-IoT 3G/4G/5G nets can no longer provide the needed data nor sustain the amount of speed required to make operations. Similarly, neither of these two traditional systems can help in reducing the amount of power consumption during transactions.

The fallout from these inadequacies, obviously, includes increased insecurity, low scalability, increasing energy consumption, and longer-than-normal transaction period.

So, what must we do?
Worry less, a solution is already here, and it is within your reach. MXC has come to put to silence all of the concerns of crypto investors, especially as it relates to the problems raised above.

Why MXC?
MXC, a short term for Machine Exchange Coin, is a decentralized platform that uses MxProtocol with technical design that is based on LPWAN, Low Power Wide Area Network. MXC partners a number of LPWAN firms. As a pioneer IoT electronic money, MXC focuses on ensuring low energy usage, facilitating security, high scalable devices, and quick transactions.

Basic Solutions
Cost per Downlink
Signal Quality
Speed-of-light transactions
MXC influential Algorithmic Factors
High Scalability
Low power consumption

What are its Technical Features?
LPWAN: One feature that MXC is based is the LPWAN, a low power technology. The essence of this feature is to allow long-range of communications, using quite low power, low bite among linked objects. It operates on three technologies, namely, 10-year sensor battery life, 12.4 miles data reach (20km) operating with a single gateway. Within a single network cell, over 60.00 connection ends can be located.

MXProtocol: This technology ensures easy exchange within range and over internet where the many sensors receive data from various tools, before sending them to a gateway. It also targets a drastic reduction in clash between networks, building a data marketplace between links. It also places emphasis on ensuring that market is created for network reach while setting up an autonomous quality of service structures that will assist both those receiving data and those sending it.

LPWAN Security: LPWAN security means that MXC will adopt the use of low-power wideband access net. This will enable long-range communication at low bit rates between connected objects.

Token Details

Hard cap: 24,000,000 USD
Total Tokens: 2,664,965,800
Total sold: 1,065,986,320
Percentage sold: 40.00%
Presale price: 0.011 USD
ICO Token price: 0.015 USD
Ticker: MXC
Token type: ERC20
Whitelist/KYC: No/Yes

There is a huge and promising prospect for this project, judging again from the fact that individuals and corporate in their use of net users have the freedom to roam and get involved in the building of decentralized, omnipresent and safe LPWAN. And with MXC facing huge potential investment from money-rich firm Fenbushi, it stands of overtaking the ICO anytime soon. Profit and trading opportunity in MXC abound for adopters just by simply linking up to the network.

useful links
Telegram chat: http://bit.ly/2Q6EPv8

Website: https://mxc.news/2yGoGWx

Announcement channel: https://t.me/mxcofficialannouncements

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MXCfoundation

Economic whitepaper: https://www.mxc.org/hubfs/WP/MXC_economic_whitepaper.pdf?t=1528719553210

Technical whitepaper: https://www.mxc.org/hubfs/WP/MXC_technical_whitepaper.pdf?t=1533214277377

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