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This day, I am quite excited to engage my retinue of blog followers on an interesting and revolutionary infrastructure in the blockchain horizon called Tozex, a result and solution-oriented infrastructure opening new frontiers and entrenching new dynamism in the blockchain tech structure.

Why Indulge Your Asset With An Exchange Like Tozex:

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The Tozex architecture is premised on the need for the safety of customer assets, this forms the fundamental passion and deep obsession behind the Tozex architecture and project initiative. Interestingly this is realized without the right of entry to clienteles’ assets. In other words, following Tozex’s decentralised ecosystem, the ability to access clients’ private key is mitigated, even as you will be able to authenticate areas where the digital assets are domiciled, including where they will be stored and transferred.
This waters tight and confidence-building strategy of Tozex has become necessary because recently a good number of centralised exchanges and over 10 renowned crypto exchanges became victims of hackers with a huge amount of resources stolen. Tozex is committed to becoming a global frontal value platform to mitigate against this menace.
It is no longer news that the issue of asset administration as it concerns centralised exchange function is known for zero transparency. Unfortunately, transactions are not documented in the block chain ledger, and this is where Tozex is blazing the trail as hybrid values laded initiative, and abridging decentralised and centralised exchanges to make available a broader, solution oriented platform that will bridge the gap in this direction.
Basically, utilizing a decentralised strategy is not a premise to make available services devoid of complying with laid down regulations, as users of the platform are bound to comply with the Know Your Customer, and article 5 of the anti-money laundering process as regards cryptocurrency.

The Tozex Distributed Business Model

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Basically, by consenting to the creation of tokens to manage the assets themselves, resource owners will have the ability to make routine their enterprise model and give confidence to participants to interface with their products via incentives.
This the Tozex architecture that is fascinating, the Tozex architecture is making a value proposition for the best model of both the decentralised and the centralised exchanges models via a cryptocurrency exchange framework with incorporated de-centralised order books.

Fundamental Tozex Features

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Tozex comes with innovative and solution-oriented features that set it miles apart from its competitors. Below are some of them”
Decentralised Random Order Book** The decentralised random order book accomplishes decentralised transactions by using smart contract functions to place the matching engine.

Liquidity Management Mechanism** To build confidence, 5% of the total supply of each issued token is allocated to the liquidity reserve fund.

Multi-Currency Wallet ** The multi currency wallet is a significant architecture of the Tozex features, it is basically a place to store all transaction tokens in a solitary consignment

The Reduced Trading Fees For Trading** I cannot end this discourse about the fundamental features without emphasis on the reduced trading fees for trading, where 0.1% per order, 50% discount if using TOZ token payment

Decentralised Random Order Book** The decentralised random order book accomplishes decentralised transactions by using smart contract function to place the matching engine

Publicly Accessible Transaction History** The publicity accessible transaction history gets rid of the possibility of order book manipulation

Tozex As Financial Architecture Is Modeled To Comply With Regulations:

Taking a cursory look at the fact that the revolutionary Tozex is entrenching a value system in the financial ecosystem, Tozex will ultimately emerge a financial instrument in the form of tokenized stocks for small and medium scale enterprises, and this will provide a window for her to comply comprehensively with MIFID regulations and marketplace abuse directives and this strategy will be used across the board in all places they offer services.

Tozex And The Imperatives Of IEO:

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It is no longer news that the Independent Evaluation Office has disclosed that the Tozex project is moving in a very positive direction, especially in its effort to provide sustainable access to the core and less core marketplace. The developers are poised to develop communities to expand brand visibility via a highly customized communication and marketing models with a view to entrenching massive and solid collaborations with partners with the ability to provide new channels for entrepreneurship and investors. This is achieved seamlessly because the conceptualizers of the platform understand the marketplace and the need of stakeholders.

The Tozex Mechanisms Of Raising Funds:
Tozex has developed am efficient model for users to raise funds and primary among them is the token-based fundraising strategy, this decision is premised on the fact that various projects comes with diverse specification and need value. Perhaps that also is the reason why they advocate that people in enterprise make the choice of the most suitable to achieve funding via ICO, STO, and Believers-Rewards-Offerings with each having its unique value.
The ICO indicates that the token-based fundraising mechanism has important interactive capabilities and is only suffering from investors' short-term expectations.

The Tozex Bro Model:
Tozex has innovatively developed a revolutionary fundraising model called the Believers-Rewards-Offering. Basically, the Believers-Rewards-Offerings' cardinal objective is to make provision for a sustainable and proficient alternative to utilizing initial Coin Offer and Security token Offers as a new token-based fundraising mechanism. BRO can greatly reduce the dumping and pumping mode, promote growth, and limit volatility.

The Tozex Team:

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Remy André Ozcan is the frontline CEO of this innovative Tozex project and with a cross-section of technically savvy individuals and digital minds in the block chain ecosystem. The likes of CTO Christophe Ozcan, while Christophe is a block chain ecosystem consultant on the Credits block chain. He is also a member of the AFNOR Block chain Committee, which is committed to clarifying all the benefits and risks associated with block chain and DLT technology.
They have started the Tozex architecture having started a new generation of the crowdfunding platform. Dating as far back as 2015, they have been having extensive experience in the industry before deciding to launch their own products to solve challenges associated with fundraising for SMEs.
The team had discovered the first historical application of block chain technology in Bitcoin in 2012, as they have been passionate about block chain technology. With the result-oriented value of this technology, that significantly allows the creation and exchange value faster and more safely than any other previous technology. Interestingly, they have decided to create Crypto4all in 2015, becoming the company that has become about the most experienced block chain engineering and consulting companies in Europe. To the big one, Tozex condenses all the expertise they have garnered over the yeas in block chain engineering and raises funds through ICO and STO.

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