Liquid8 : P2P Platform for Transferring Real World Assets to the Crypto World

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Liquid8 is a decentralized peer-to-peer multi-functional platform primarily based on blockchain technology. It permits the global tokenization of real-world assets to digital tokens in the blockchain ecosystem for exchange and lending among community members. The platform goals at converting the digital economic system via bringing a connection among the real-world belongings and the developing digital economy.

The platform specifically uses smart contracts in its operations to make sure that assets that all transactions inside the platform are correctly accounted for without a want of intermediaries. The platform offers a complete on chain and off chain tokenization solution that is seamless and secure for all assets as a result of making them very inexpensive and available by using every person. The platform is a convenient and easy solution for the acquiring of economic offerings through the crypto community and for the storage of crypto assets and tokenized assets in a single platform.


The proprietor of the asset requests for the tokenization of a real-world asset. The platform then implements an off chain evidence of asset protocol. Upon approving the tokenization of the asset, an electronic agreement is despatched and brought to the company of the token. An on chain evidence of asset protocol is then applied most effective if the company of the token agrees to the terms and situations said out inside the digital agreement. The platform then develops a tokenization smart contract. Contributors of the platform can then buy the tokenized belongings by means of transferring their personal cryptocurrency to a tokenization smart contract to be exchanged for the smart asset token.


  • Simple
    Liquid8 make the tokenization technique user-friendly and accessible, for experienced and new users alike

  • Efficient
    Utilizing smart contracts to put off middleman fees and inefficient administration.

  • Security
    Liquid8 strong cybersecurity measures which include biometric IDs, bug-bounty program and multiple levels of authentications, with 95% crypto assets deposited stored in cold storage.

  • Transparent
    The tamper-evident architecture of blockchain is immutable and publicly available in real time.

  • Compliant
    Adhere to local and international ‘Know Your Customer’ & ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ rules.

The Liquid8 platform’s features

  • Multi-Asset Wallet
    Users of the platform can easily save their tokenized and crypto assets without delay to the available multi-asset wallet on the platform. The wallets adhere strictly to the cybersecurity requirements, as a result, private keys are encrypted and made available handiest to the owner of the wallet. Restoration features are also available to allow the restoration of the wallets in new devices.

  • P2P Social Exchange & Instant Exchange
    The platform provides a marketplace on which the tokenized and crypto assets are exchanged most of the users of the platform in a peer-to-peer environment, which guarantees the effectiveness and flexibility of the price of the assets. It gives the Peer-to-Peer social exchange and the peer-to-peer instant exchange.

  • P2P Globalized Lending
    The platform consists of a market for lending services that brings a direct fit between debtors and creditors. The P2P nature of the platform and recognition score with basis on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning allows borrowers to get very high-quality rates and creditors to gain get admission to a big variety of mortgage possibilities to widen their own portfolios.

Liquid8 ICO

  • Token : LQ8
  • Price : 1 LQ8 = 0.10 USD
  • Bonus : Available
  • MVP/Prototype : Available
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepting : ETH
  • Soft cap : 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap : 35,000,000 USD
  • Country : Singapore
  • Whitelist/KYC : KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas : USA, China, Singapore

Liquid8 Roadmap

  • 2017
    Research, proof-of-concept, assemble the team, white/light paper preparation and incorporation in Singapore.

  • 2018
    TGE, Application for financial services licenses in ASEAN. Launching (desktop & mobile) : Multi-Asset Wallet v.10

  • 2019
    Application for financial service licenses in Asia Pacific and Australasia. Launching (desktop & mobile) : Marketplace for Tokenized Assets, Social Exchange, P2P Instant Exchange (v.10) Multi-Asset Wallet v.20

  • 2020
    European Hub Setup: Management, R&D and application for financial services licenses. Launching (desktop and mobile) : P2P Lending (Collateral Lending) v.10 Marketplace for Tokenized Assets, P2P Social Exchange, P2P Instant Exchange (v.20)

  • 2021
    Launching (desktop and mobile) : P2P Lending platform (Collateral with Credit Line) v.10 and v.20, P2P Lending (Collateral Lending) v.20

Liquid8 Team

Team Members





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