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The principle point or objective why araw stage appeared is to give bound together reward framework and give showcasing answers for the online business organizations, and the point of this internet business organizations is to expand impression of customers,build solid promotion important association with them and thus increment the development of the business's. The araw tokens will fill in as an answer for open the entire maximum capacity of the reward projects and after that expansion the incentive for every one of the members that is in the reliable framework. The araw tokens and the online business framework help to encourage distributed installment system,facilitate small scale installments amongst clients and the vendors. This tokens can be utilized for mice installments, for example, at the gas station,coffee shops,restaurants ,general stores and some more. Not gives simple and advantageous method for making installment utilizing the araw tokens. This tokens are appropriated bigger web based business marketplace,it gives a great many individuals a technique for method for purchasing and offering products online,combined with the advantages of fiat monetary standards and the digital forms of money. This tokens are modified to receive security guildlines and sections of land of the ERC20. The tokens are required for exchanges on the araw token stage and each exchange made exchange or trade ,the individual that carryout the exchange will pay a little sum for utilizing the araw tokens savvy contracts.

The Ecommerce industry keeps on developing explicitly since its innovation, as clients think that its simpler to get wanted items on them and buy utilizing the customary online installments utilizing fiat money.

While digital money is developing quick and is brought into numerous parts of the general public, it has not been yet acknowledged for purchasing and offering of items on the web, in this way making the connection between the online business framework and cryptocurrency disagreeable.

This influences different people that have digital forms of money yet can't utilize it to shop, rather they need to experience different trade locales before the assets can be acknowledged. This series of exercises is both strenuous and unsecure. In some different cases, some different people don't have any or enough information about digital forms of money whatsoever.

There is in this way a need to coordinate the internet business industry and the acknowledgment of digital money for installments, into one stage with the consideration of an installment framework which will guarantee that the average citizens are presented to cryptographic money and its use in E-trade while guaranteeing that all exercises completed are done safely and straightforwardly. The answer for accomplish this snergy is called ARAW.

What is ARAW?
This is stage that is based on the Ethereum blockchain with incorporated E-trade and installment framework. This stage offers and support Ecommerce and different administration giving organizations to make remunerate program and acquaint the average citizens with the universe of digital forms of money that will be straightforward and open to them.

Highlights of ARAW
The principle highlight of this stage is the ARAW Token which will be utilized to set up a decentralized installment biological community. Courses by which it will do as such are:

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Araw Pay
This element is utilized to get installments from any one online in type of Araw Tokens.

Online business commercial center
This commercial center is to be utilized for the purchasing and offering of different things recorded by purchasers and dealers from all around the world and for clients of this stage to associate with each other. The need everything being equal and dealers are met because of the adaptability of this market and purchasers can interface with the framework either through keen contract or through the Araw Token

Araw Card – Touch and Pay
This card is made to permit clients of this stage appreciate a charge card like experience i.e. the card can be utilized for different exercises, for example, web based shopping, paying of lunch bills and so forth and this is on account of Araw card has a radio recognizable proof recurrence that associates with a card peruser therefor making installments conceivable.

Open API stage
This component is outlined such that each client can make utilization of it since it is straightforward, does not require specialized learning about programming, permits other individuals that are not individuals from the stage to make utilization of it while giving space for straightforwardness.

Saving money System joining
With the saving money framework joined into this stage, Araw tokens can be changed to fiat cash and the other way around using connected financial balances.

Araw Mobile Wallet
The presentation of Araw Wallet makes it less demanding to perform different keeping money and crypto trading capacities as this wallet will be fit for purchasing and offering tokens, trading of the tokens to digital forms of money and changing over of the token into Fiat cash.

Digital currency Exchanges Integration
With this element, clients of this stage will have the capacity to trade different cryptographic forms of money for the Araw Token and furthermore starting with one digital currency then onto the next.

Ethereum Blockchain – Proof of Delivery and Service
This element is made based on keen contracts to guarantee that merchandise and ventures to be conveyed are done quickly and safely while likewise ensuring that purchasers get their coveted item and merchants get their assets exchanged to them instantly.

Bound together Reward System
This is a component made to compensate clients at whatever point they buy things from this stage. This reward is for the most part in type of Araw Tokens which can be reused in acquiring on the stage or changed into fiat money and gotten as money.

Points of interest of ARAW stage
Araw has a few advantages and they include:

Giving clients a multifunctional stage that can be utilized for shopping and furthermore trading of digital currency consequently presenting clients to the utilization of cryptographic money for their everyday exercises.

Arrangement of a multi-utilitarian wallet that is of tremendous advantages merchants as the requirement for various wallets will be dispensed with on the grounds that the Araw wallet can be utilized for purchasing and pitching, changing starting with one cryptographic money then onto the next and making Fiat cash trades.

Since Token accessibility is constrained, clients with tokens procure benefits on them as they keep on appreciating.

All in all, Araw stage is stand-out and settles significant issues that are tormenting clients concerning internet business, digital currency trade by joining these highlights into one.

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