Day4Crypto Puts Cincinnati on the Blockchain Map

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After visiting Kiev, Ukraine, for the d10e conference in October, 10XTS partner firm CryptoProperties and their CEO, Adam Koehler along with his co-founder, Luke Sistito, were determined to bring a blockchain conference to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Adam and Luke envisioned an event to bring together the blockchain and cryptocurrency community in the region. They partnered with a major blockchain conference organizer BECON Global to launch Day4Crypto.


Left to right: Me (Michael Hiles, 10XTS), Nils Veenstra (BECON Global), John Bentley (10XTS)

Adam hit me up about it, "Dude, I wanna' do a blockchain conference in Cincinnati."

"Hey that's a phenom idea... when?"

"First or second week of December."

"Uhhhh... Adam... Dude... My bro..."

I was thinking inside the privacy of my own head, "Cincinnati in December... and charge for it... like... $250 for a one-day event??"

Super insane. So that' why I was like... "uhhhhh okay, sure, let's do it."

No problem for Cincinnati. As @TechstarsJohn John Hill once said, "Cincinnati invented the Hustle."

10XTS participated as a conference partner to help rally the community and bring partnership opportunities, in particular Cintrifuse and the StartupCincy community.

The conference was held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, and boasted an international panel of presenters. Over 200 attendees were present, and the day was an incredible opportunity for everyone to learn, exchange ideas, and collaborate.


I participated on a panel with other regional blockchain companies. My focus was on the upcoming DDView project and the blockchain opportunities across early stage funding and asset tokenization.

10XTS Chief Technology Officer, John Bentley was present at the event, and engaged in multiple discussions about blockchain development. He brought his laptop and did real work the entire time though.


Left to right: Adam Koehler (CPROP), Wendy Lea (CEO Cintrifuse, Techstars Board), Sandy Selman (CPROP)

The event included representatives from across the spectrum of cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as legal counsel, financial consultants, and investors.

The success of Day4Crypto was demonstration of the growing interest in cryptocurrency, initial token offerings, blockchain, and the opportunity for the region to establish itself as a known-player in the space.

Adam and the team are planning another event in the spring of 2018.


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