The Opening Party of Panama Glass.

in blockchain •  last year 

Ira Miller and the Panama Glass Team Put on an Amazing Conference.

I have been to a few Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences but this one was special. No only because it was hosted by my friends in my country but because we talked about real life issues that Blockchain could help alleviate.

Topics at Panama Glass.

  1. Government Transparency
  2. Digital Identity
  3. Land Registry
  4. Remittances
  5. Developer Education
  6. Living Off of Crypto
  7. Privacy and Security
  8. Real Life Applications of Blockchain Technology
  9. Steemit

My Talk, "Building a Life Around Crypto."

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  ·  last year (edited)

I learned a lot in your talk, when you talk about the car and how much steem you spend buying it and i had to catch my calculator and see how much money was in that moment and how much money is now and my coclusion is simple steem rised a lot :). Regards


Absolutely, I bought the vehicle when Steem was around $.34 and thought we were getting a great deal.


yes it is absolutely right.


For sure man and look the price now woow and we're just starting engines, and more than just price i love how the steem blockchain works so fast so simple so smooth. Regards

  ·  last year (edited)

I remember when you bought your #steemit #Tiguan @hilarski. Its the opportunity gained from being in #crypto with your enthusiasm and insights . Awesome seeing you

Such an amazing video, I cant wait to attend the next one!

  ·  last year (edited)

This is an important and interesting conference, you discussed a great topic.. Let's Build a life around crypto

i have learned a lot from your articles. Bundle of thanks, @hilraski.

Wow, amazing music and it's reflecting as really pleasant environment there, and in second video it's reflecting as really important and deep talk on financial aspect, i will watch that video to it's entirety once i get rid of my work. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I have been to a few Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences but this one was special.

Yea indeed it was special, saw the video and I was like wow! It was a big one though and the fact that you guys discussed real life issues as regards bitcoin makes it even more unique.

@hilarski, Wonderful Panama Glass Team Conference discussion video sharing, thanks for given valuable details. I wish you the best for more development blockchain system. Most awesome topic discussed. Government Transparency, Living Off of Crypto and blockchain technology all are awesome. Your talking title also best selection.

Such a glorious meet up video and important discussing contents you sharing @hilarski. Absolutely thanks to you for updating us. I need to hear both videos again.

You are a born speaker, a great video, and most importantly done a great job. Thanks for sharing with us.

nice post

I learned a lot in your talk.. I cant wait to attend the next one! Let's Build a life around crypto..Thanks for sharing with us.....

great post. i enjoy read this post very much.thanks for share

Astounding music and it's reflecting as extremely charming condition there, and in second video it's reflecting as extremely imperative and profound chat on monetary angle, I will watch that video to it's aggregate once I dispose of my work.

Great speech to reach goal.....

more light should be thrown on Crypto. The world is evolving and with time we wouldn't need to step out of our door steps to earn. Couldn't watch your videos but am sure there will be filled with knowledge. Keep the good work going

Congratulations to all those who participated in the organization in Panamáglass, Good job. very good your intervention talking about the day to day and the cryptos. Great speech

Thank you very much dear friend @ hilarski for sharing all this information, judging by the content, this event had to have been great to participate in, congratulations for your presentation. Although I must admit not understanding English I was left without knowing what you were saying.
congratulations for the great work they are doing, represented and making known steem and steemit
I wish you a great day

Saw your video posted elsewhere, watched it, and finally finished setting up my account here that's been stagnant since last June of last year!


@hilarski I think you work at steemit... Do you know why steemit not approving new accounts... any reason?? and when it will be opened ?? thanks in anticipation

Really ,the conference is special.i so much enjoyed the music when i click it .thanks for sharing this lively and awesome meet up.

I hope we will get feedback for these awesome agendas. Thanks!

Drives some sense

I am sure that the Party of Panama Glass have been a great. Thanks for sharig with us.

what a great event this was people really had a great time thanks for sharing your speech video it was fantastic you were leading from the front :)

@hilarski Great data about panama glass . I had no information about this . Much thanks.##Upvote/Resteem###