PANAMCHAIN conference this weekend May 5-6

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Join Us in Panama This Weekend at PANAMCHAIN.


Andreas Antonopoulos is the Headline Speaker.

Andreas will be joined by myself, @AnaHilarski and some of my fellow Panama Crypto experts like the host Jorge Farias, Cindy Zimmerman and of course Adrian Scott. I also just received a message that @AaronKoenig will be flying in from Germany for the event!

Get Your Tickets for PANAMACHAIN.

Don't Miss Cindy Zimmerman CEO of Tigo CTM!


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I wish I could be there! Looks amazing with all the speakers they have lined up. When is the next event for Kyrptonia?

The team will be here. I am not sure when the next event will be. @JohnGentry might know.

That will be a great conference and there will be many reputed person like you. I will wait to see your speech there. God bless You Sir @hilarski

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My favorite of Andreas Antonopoulos......

"If the government can watch everything you do, they can watch every time you spend money, their ability to control your behaviour is enormous. [… This] will put people at the mercy of a system in which, at a flick of a binary switch, you can become a non-person.”

Great stuff Randy, crossing fingers and sending great vibes for all of you ! <3

Blessings on your trip

From Kryptonia Darkox

I live here but it will be an amazing conference!

I wish I could be there. Hopefully I will be in El Salvador soon, so it will be a bit closer and making it easier for me to get there.
Hopefully we will be able to see some recordings of it.

Maybe that could be arranged. We should do a Central American tour.

That would be awesome. But wait till I get there. Hopefully soon (this year or by next for sure). Hehe

wow you will be there too great for everyone to attend this : )

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Looks like a great time to get the inside scoop on what's coming down the blockchain pipeline. Stopping by from the Kryptonia task.

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This is a great opportunity to learn more about blockchain and bitcoin. If given the chance, i would love to participate in person. I know i will be able to learn more on this conference.

Lucky are those who can be there and participate. Its a great opportunity to learn alot.
From kryptonia @psychkrhoz

Thanks for creating a platform to learn more about the crypto space and may God bless you sir! @hilarski
From kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

Had no idea you were this renowned. Thank you for the Superior Coin. You are very generous. Enjoy Panama.

@reonlouw from Kryptonia!

Hi, look great this conference

PD: came from Kryptonia @victorsilab

Nice job. Keep up the good work. [email protected]

this will surely be a big conference so sad i will not be able to witness [email protected]

Se ve muy buena esta conferencia.

excited learned more about cryptocurrency
kryptonia id: January22secret

Those are the opportunities that should not be missed, great event friend @hilarski!! (Kryptonia nick: rafaeluriel)


Fantastic photography
Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog.

Great mi friend!

Blockchain is the best platform for us

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