IUNGO Building a Global WIFI Blockchain Network.

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Travelers You Know the Pain of Trying to Find a Way to Securely Connect to the Internet.

Back in November @AnaHilarski and I just returned from a month long trip around Europe. One of our biggest frustrations was finding a secure wifi network to access while we were moving from one location to another. In order to remedy the situation we would go to a wireless company immediately upon arrival at a new destination and purchase a new chip loaded with data.

I recall one particularly painful moment when we arrived in Florence, Italy. We arrived very early in the morning and we were unable to contact our AirBNB hosts because we did not have access to wifi. It seemed every public wifi we could find was not working. We finally found a McDonalds down the street but it was quite frustrating. Then we had the paranoia of using public wifi. My computer is used for my business and has sensitive information that I do not want to share with the public.

Enter the IUNGO Team.

The team saw this pain point and decided they would do something that can make everyone's life easier. Finding a need and filling that need with a working product is super attractive to me and my wallet.

What is IUNGO?

Enjoy seamless connectivity.

Worldwide access with one account.

Always secure web access.

Instantly become a part of global network.

VPN services.

Help connecting developing regions.

Get paid for services provided.

It's like Airbnb for the internet access.

Watch this IUNGO Video to Get a Better Understanding.

Why I am Talking About IUNGO Today.

Our company Token Magic has signed a contract with IUNGO to help spread the word. We truly believe in the future of this project.

The IUNGO ICO recently ended where they raised over $23 Million in Ethereum. The token is available on Kucoin Exchange. Watch it closely as it is currently being traded for $.29 or 3600 Satoshi's.

Join Me On The IUNGO Telegram.


I am sure it is going to be really awesome and great help for the travelers.I remember how difficult and pain in ass it was to get connectecd on the airports and Malls even though they provide this service but again very time consuming and boring task to do.

Bundle this with inexpensive internet satellite from low orbit mini cubes and we got worldwide always available, always on internet access for the 3 billion people who still can't access it, such as most of my family and friends in Cuba.

This is great news sir, just the beginning. I believe, in the near future, it will more difficult to disconnect from the internet than to connect to it, you'll see. It's already happening to me. I had to create a complex script to disconnect my computer from the internet when not in use. best regards!

Very exciting, remember Qaddafi tried to do it in Africa. the powers that be don't like the masses empowered so it might be an uphill battle but it is quite possible.

I agree. Its not going to be easy to catch on but if it does the upside will be gigantic. 1000x returns to which ever ISP mesh networks gain a large consumer base.

Oh man I can see this in Havana now. Access to Internet is absolutely terrible their. Some Hotels have good Internet. Its just a infrastructure issue. If ING can get into places like this and South Africa and basically half the world is in need it would be gigantic. These mesh networks can just piggy back off existing system.

Nice post,@sir.

Yes, in our seemingly time of the latest technology with Wi-Fi is still a problem. Let's hope that this contract will affect the better.

Wow! I'm happy to here this.. It's frustrating when you can't connect to Internet on journey.. This is a grate progress and project.. I'll be be on the outlook to experience [email protected]

so how is it going to be broadcasted? what will be the download/upload speed? etc..

Join me on the Telegram and let's ask. https://t.me/IUNGO

Sounds interesting, definitely a difficult task to accomplish!

Thanks for bringing this one to those who didn't get in yet. I'm hodling my ING and won't sell. Great project. Thanks Randy!

Now that's a coin to follow! It's definitely going to solve a lot of problems when it comes to finding a WIFI signal when you're in the public.

Great idea guys will try to get in. thank's for sharing @hilarski

I think I will join you on telegram. For us at this side of the world to get adequate and long lasting connectivity is really a big problem. Thank you for taking out time to making this post.

It's frustrating when you can't connect to Internet on journey.Thanks for bringing this one to those who didn't get in yet. I'm hodling my ING and won't sell. Great project. Thanks Randy.Great idea guys will try to get in. thank's for sharing @hilarski

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Sounds great! Will take a closer look. Thank you for sharing.

@hilarski i'm glad to see your post, a very beautiful post as always :)

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is it mainly a vpn service or something??I didnt get it...

Watch the video it explains everything.

thank you for your information

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Nice! I think that's the way the world's going: both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been talking about setting up system for high-speed Internet access for the entire globe.

It's mind-blowing when you think about it. The immediate use case, as you spelled out, is WiFi for tourists. Next? Internet for so-called extreme adventure tourists. Selfies on the top of Mt. Everest: that kind of thing.

Best of luck to both you and IUNGO. You're riding the curve, that's for sure.

Never hear of IUNGO. Thanks for sharing this piece of info.

Airbnb for the internet access.

This sounds interesting, amazed at the ideas and use cases of Blockchain.

I also flow to your post.And i want to your next post

Highly rEsteemed!

Sir your Sounds interesting, definitely a difficult task to accomplish. thank's for sharing

congratulations and success for your success .. hopefully long and healthy always .. and do not forget to post me too, so I stay in steemit.

Ese proyecto me parece interesante estar conectado por WiFi en cualquier país donde viajemos y en cualquier momento, asÍ en en países como en Venezuela donde falla mucho podremos seguir estando conectados. ¡Excelente!

Now there will be seamless connectivity with no issues finally great to know someone is working on this :)

Looks a solid project i would love to know more about it will check token magic for this

looks very practical and possible to achieve this will be a great start to a solid project thanks for sharing

i would join this inungo team thanks for sharing bro about it

@hilarski this would really be revolutionary if this becomes real . I will surely invest in this ico because it has lot to offer to our society . If this happens then we will successfully be able to say internet neutrality has been achieved because now a days lot of telecom sector are charging high charges ......Thanks a lot @hilarski for notifying about such a great ico .I wish you all the best for your future on steemit ....keep steeming !!

Seems like a good initiative taken by the team of IUNGA!
Travelers will sure get best usage of secure connection !
Thanks for the update buddy !

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