How blockchain is a hidden opportunity for Developers

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Blockchain technology has become the phenomenon of 2017. According to Google, Blockchain and Bitcoin were two of the most-searched keywords last year. Blockchain is also one of the Top 5 Developer Trends Of 2018. Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are fueling the blockchain discussion and increasing awareness of the technology.

Today, more and more organizations are looking to take advantage of blockchain mania. As a matter of fact, 58% of the large corporations are interested in building some kind of blockchain application.

So, here is the good news for software developers. Blockchain is all about software. Blockchain is all about how to store, share, and maintain data (transactions) securely.

My aim with this article is to bring some attention to the size of the opportunity blockchain presents for software developers.


The blockchain concept was first introduced by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta in 1991 as “a cryptographically secured chain of blocks,” which means a chain or blocks that are linked and cryptographically secured. Each block is a combination of three items, a hash pointer to the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. By design, blockchains are secure and difficult to modify.

All transactions that exist on a blockchain are shared and distributed among a network of peer-to-peer computers. Transactions are encrypted and decrypted using private and public keys.
How about we expel the security part from the rundown, I wager, most endeavor frameworks would prefer not to be open, straightforward, or dispersed. Additionally, a framework based on blockchain does not just set aside a more drawn out opportunity to process exchanges yet in addition requires numerous more circumstances the assets, for example, preparing, power, and information exchange. On the off chance that that is the situation, you don't generally require blockchain.

Clearly, blockchain isn't for everybody. Building blockchain applications are muddled, tedious, straightforward, and expensive. Here is my article, Do You Need A Blockchain that will pose the correct inquiries and give you the response to regardless of whether you truly require a blockchain.


Blockchain isn't industry particular. Blockchain is valuable where you have to convey straightforwardness and responsibility to a framework. On the off chance that you take a gander at a portion of the conspicuous enterprises that need trust, incorporate managing an account, budgetary establishments, protection, medicinal services, pharma, venture firms, and cash exchange, clearly, these businesses could utilize blockchain to convey trust to the framework.

Keeping money, installments, inventory network, protection, security, and human services are a couple of businesses that have effectively expressed building blockchain-based applications. As said before, 58% of extensive enterprises are thinking about some sort of blockchain reception. Clearly, this will prompt more occupations.

One of the key reasons blockchain had a momentous 2017 is bitcoin, digital forms of money, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Bitcoin worth has developed to $247 billion from $11 billion in under a year. Over $3.25 billion have been brought up in ICOs in 2017 alone, outperforming conventional VC subsidizing. Filecoin and Tezos, the two biggest ICOs, raised $357 million and $232 million separately in a matter of days. In case you're new to bitcoin, look at What and Why Bitcoin to master everything about bitcoin. A portion of the bitcoin and comparable activities incorporate Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Gold.

Google trends for blockchain(blue), cryptocurrency(yellow) and bitcoin(red)

Managing an account is one of the businesses that is driving the blockchain advancement. The accompanying picture from BI indicates significant banks and money related establishments associated with blockchain.Supply chain administration, worldwide coordinations and delivery, medicinal services and pharma, and even governments are currently investigating blockchain executions.


For programming engineers, the blockchain opportunity is tremendous and it is simply beginning. A portion of the organizations driving the charge in blockchain innovation incorporate IBM, Microsoft, Deloitte, Ripple, Chain, Circle Internet, BitFury Holding, Yuan Technology, Coinbase, and AlphaPoint. Since six out of 10 organizations are occupied with blockchain, it basically implies more occupations will be made in this space.

The blockchain innovation showcase estimate was $340 million out of 2017 and is required to develop to $2.3 billion by 2021. As per a report, 10% of GDP will be managed by a blockchain by 2027.

Where to Start

Today, there are a huge number of blockchain ventures accessible in Github and every one of the activities has a particular reason. Here are a portion of the best blockchain ventures and their motivation.

RippleNet is an undertaking blockchain application for worldwide installments.

Ethereum is a decentralized stage that runs savvy contracts: applications that run precisely as modified with no plausibility of downtime, control, extortion or outsider obstruction.

TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized convention that expects to build an overall free substance stimulation framework with the blockchain and appropriated stockpiling innovation. The convention enables every client to openly distribute, store and claim information, and in the decentralized self-governing structure, chooses the dissemination, membership and push of substance and empowers content makers by discharging, coursing and managing advanced resources, subsequently framing a decentralized substance excitement biological community.

Cardano is a decentralized open blockchain and cryptographic money venture and is completely open source. Cardano is building up a keen contract stage which tries to convey further developed highlights than any convention beforehand created. It is the principal blockchain stage to advance out of a logical theory and an exploration initially determined approach. The improvement group comprises of a huge worldwide group of master architects and scientists.

NEM is the world's first Smart Asset blockchain. Developed from the beginning venture review execution, NEM's blockchain innovation conveys a world class stage for administration of any sort of benefit: monetary forms, supply chains, authentications, proprietorship records and then some. NEM'S control is uncovered through a clear and secure engineer interface with the goal that you can send your blockchain arrangement in record time. Regardless of whether you are building the following best portable application or bringing blockchain into your current business framework, NEM makes blockchain work for you.

Stellar is a dispersed, cross breed blockchain that is completely open-source. It is foundation that exists to encourage cross-resource exchanges of significant worth, including installments. With only one combination into the Stellar Network, you will join an open, worldwide money related system where all performers – be they individuals, installment systems, or banks – have level with get to and monetary cooperation.

Particle: As the Internet-of-Things continues growing, the requirement for interoperability and sharing of assets has turned into a need. Particle empowers organizations to investigate new business-to-plans of action by making each mechanical asset a potential administration to be exchanged on an open market progressively, without any expenses.

Dash is Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere. Utilize Dash to make moment, private installments on the web or in-store utilizing a protected open-source stage facilitated by a large number of clients around the globe.

NEO is a non-benefit group based blockchain venture that uses blockchain innovation and advanced character to digitize resources, to computerize the administration of advanced resources utilizing savvy contracts, and to understand a "brilliant economy" with a circulated arrange. NEO was established in 2014 and was continuous open source on GitHub in June 2015. Since its beginning, the NEO group has encountered the upsurge and blast of the blockchain business and the free for all and cooling of the advanced currency advertise. They trust innovation drives advance and together we can make what's to come. Roused by this, NEO has been made to move our customary economy into the new time of the "Keen Economy".

Monero is a protected, private, and untraceable cryptographic money. It is open-source and available to all. With Monero, you are your own particular bank. Just you control and are in charge of your assets. Your records and exchanges are shielded private from prying eyes.


For C# engineers, Stratis Platform offers straightforward and reasonable end-to-end answers for advancement, testing and sending of local C# blockchain applications on the .Net structure.

The stratis Development Platform enables organizations and associations to create blockchain applications in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework. They can help you in characterizing your blockchain technique and in incorporating arrangements and capacities as per your business prerequisites.

You can discover more points of interest and open source extends in Github here:


Signing off,


I totally agreed! And I found the learning materials are relatively lacking. I found the bitcoin and cryptocurrency class from Princeton quite useful:

Thanks for your feedback. I will surely check this course on coursera. Thank you so much

sure thing! I am trying to do my study during weekend and hope that works out lol

Blockchain will soon be the foundation of business industry. 😄

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Blockchain is a new revolution in this century

@hemanthoj, you have explained the whole concept of blockchain and how it is a great opportunity for developer. I think now is the time when every application is now finding their counterpart on the blockchain. Many fundamental apps are still needed to be written or transmuted to this technology. Hence, there is a lot that is required to be done. This is a clear chance sight for every developer who is interested to make waves. Learning to code on the blockchain or a new blockchain might not be easy but all the resources to get yourself equipped with the perfect set of knowledge is available widely.

I also see majority of recent developers starting off their coding journey by contributing to the decentralized projects. Good times ahead. Cheers :-) and thanks for this awesome piece of writing.

Almost 400 company founders, executives, managers and IT leaders responded to Juniper’s Blockchain Enterprise Survey. Amongst enterprises either actively considering, or in the process of deploying blockchain technology, more than 4 in 10 (43%) ranked IBM first - more than twice the proportion selecting second-placed Microsoft (20%).

I think NEO is a really good platform to start building your first smart contract. You dont have to learn a new language like Solidity to ETH, you can just use Java or Python, so its very easy for everyone to pick up.

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Can we not all face the fact the bitcoins price level and volume is all thanks to the small percentage of millionaires with a ton of capital, manipulating the market. Those people can literally draw a line on BTC chart anticipating where bitcoin will go, and bitcoin will follow.

That's exacty what I am always talking about! Blockchain is a total revolution for developers because we finally have the possibility to add extra features to other websites or using decentralized databases together!

This was packed with information. As a developer, it's nice to see the opportunities.

I am also BlockChain Developer,^_^

Very cool. Working on any blockchain projects?

@hemanthoj. Me gusto mucho tu artículo, de manera sencilla hablas de la tecnología blockchain, me parece un buen tema, yo escuche de ella, por el ruido que ha generado la criptomoneda bitcoin. Excelente artículo

Nice article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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Just this morning we were discussing how to create a solution for storing and maintaining data in our country's health sector (Nigeria). I am glad I came across this your post @hemanthoj. I'll show it to my colleagues and this will spur the beginning of a discussion of how we can tap into the blockchain for the record keeping.

Keep up the Good Work!

This is excellent reblogging so that I can refer to it again later

Very helpful thanks

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blockcahin is a second biggest thing after internet

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The opportunities are wide and vast, which is good news for developers with lots of new opportunities ahead. New technologies often create fears of job replacement, but the fact of the matter is, these jobs are not eliminated by technology, but only moved into a new sector. Promoting growth within the economy and at an individual level. Check out what our developers have been creating at Blockbasis all thanks to the blockchain technology where you can send and receive money for free using just an email!

thanks for the great description and overview of the more known blockchain platforms out there. I'm looking to get into this kind of development myself. Looking into Stratis now as I'm a C# dev by trade.

Wow! excellent post! Thanks for sharing I am starting in the world of cryptocurrencies and this information is extremely interesting! @hemanthoj

Excellent and very useful. Would love to republish in our mag @theindiansun with your permission. It goes in print as well.

sure pls go ahead and let me know how this got printed. glad you liked it

As a programming engineering student, this was very helpful. I am familiar with GitHub, but I had no idea about some other platforms like Straits. I will definitely check them out. Have a great day!

Thanks for taking time and checking my blog. Please experience stratis and let me know your feedback

Resteemed. Much love. And thanks

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

you are welcome bro. Glad that you liked it

Whats seems to be the best use of block chain, in terms of shaping the mankind is by implementing it by governments in deploying its services such as Pension Schemes , Direct Government Benefits to poor and needy .. and much more.

Before disrupting the fiat money, Cryptocurrencies have to face strong opposition, ban and legal action because It is empowering the common man and taking control out of the Central Banks.

Now time has come to end the Fed.

We don't need Banks anylonger.

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