Microsoft Adopts Blockchain Tech- Brings Transparency to Shipping

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Project Manifest is a new development thanks to Microsoft and a startup company called Mojix. It utilizes Mojix’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform- which is currently being integrated with Ethereum’s blockchain.

In a quote from Microsoft’s global business strategist, York Rhodes:

“Project Manifest is actually designed to look at the challenges of visibility in the supply chain. One of the reasons why we worked with Mojix is because they already have technology and know-how in supply chains for scanning RFIDs.”

The idea is for factories, distribution centers, and retailers to track their goods with RFIDs (radio frequency identification devices).

This new technology will surely help to remove MANY middle men from the process of shipping.

Things like auditing, insurance, supply chain financing, risk mitigation will all be reduced when transparency is introduced to the supply chain via the blockchain. Making this a very attractive option for businesses, not to mention providing them peace of mind by knowing that their products are being handled appropriately.

This is great for the consumer too. Are you concerned about the use of sweat shops or slave labor? Project Manifest has the ability to hold businesses to a higher standard by introducing transparency to their system.

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not link spamming, you, just following through on your requests.


No worries, I appreciate it ;)

This is great! Cooperative Agorism is slowly taking over the world.

Even national central banks and postal services are contributing to their own demise by adopting the technologies that are behind all of this amazing growth.

Since our technology is better than theirs, in the end they have no choice to adopt it or be outcompeted!

Fantastic!! I am content! :)

I thought you might want to know that the new Steemicide Hotline episode is up:


Yaas Thanks!

Pro content as usual Heidi, resteemed, FB'd, and tweeted. Steem on girl! :-)

Great piece. Upvoted and shared on twitter. Thanks for sharing. Stephen

I figure as long as the radio transmitter is part of the merchandise for the whole duration of its making, then I wouldn't worry about the sweat shop, cheap labor and slavery as much... This technology does have the power to make it change forever, but do the people in charge of the businesses want this too? I sure do. Let's uplift this and make it known, giving it exposure and empowering us all! All for one and one for all!

Thanks for another excellent little post that makes a difference in this world for so many and for the betterment of all, most hopefully... Namaste :)

The real investment is in Chronicled... check them out

This is a great revolution.

MS is all opposite of freedom, crypto and life. His master Bill Gates is about monopoly, oligarchy, eugenics and wars. His daddy pres. of planned parenthood. He anti-Linux charging thirdworld kids for his scam software and overtly promoting depopulation
trough vaccines (his own words) and making criminal vaccine
testing in Africa with his partner the nazi George Soros.
Research if you don't believe, it's all true. Be ashamed.
I give you my first red flag on Steemit for this ass-licking BS.


Thanks for sharing your opinion.
I'm well aware of the atrocities that Microsoft has been involved with, and I know that Bill Gates is a monster. I've seen his TedTalk where he spoke about the need to rapidly decrease the population... and the crowd laughed like the bunch of zombies that they are.

Whether or not Microsoft will use this new project for good or for evil,

the fact that blockchain tech is being adopted by such recognizable names as Microsoft I think bodes very well for the eventual mass adoption of crypto... which should be viewed as a positive.

I still have hope in humanity that one day everyone will "wake up" like we have.

And the freedom and transparency that this crypto wave has the potential to bring will go a long way in helping to achieve that.


After your reply I think more people will wake up and have a nice breakfast maybe
looking a that Ted Talk or BG's African and third world criminal ventures.
As I don't find the way to un-flag your post I vote you up and will follow you from now on. I have now a bad feeling, you s-t-eem to be a nice person that I could have in great e-steem and regard with respect.
Enjoy this Sunday.
Best regards

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That's so awesome! Keep spreading the word about this great platform and thank you for using my blog as an example!