YOU can use decentralization to WIN battles vs Tech Giants

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Start-ups that reach a billion-dollar valuation are called unicorns. YouTube was once a show of champion among youthful entrepreneurship and managed to gain unicorn status in just a bit more than 1 year.

The famed story of YouTube’s rise to a billion-dollar valuation shows that start-ups targeting the entertainment industry—most content streaming is a sub-division of entertainment—can quickly attain a unicorn status. However, much of the potential is now a tough mark to meet. Most major tech companies have either developed their own platforms that provide digital content or support entertainment in one way or another; those that haven’t developed such a platform has simply acquired one, as is the case with YouTube and Google.

Since such large enterprises have a major hold on the market, the entry barrier is high as their ability to purchase expensive equipment to provide massive throughput far exceeds that of any start-up. Consequently, start-ups hoping to break into the entertainment industry have a difficult time competing in the attrition battles that are necessary in this market. However, if it were possible to support large volumes of high-quality throughput at an extremely scalable level without having to buy expensive equipment necessary, start-ups would be able to compete in this market.

It’s commonly perceived that the benefits of decentralization are largely in the benefit of everyday people. However, the reality is that businesses, particularly start-ups, can benefit from it too. A new project led by a team of entertainment industry experts has developed a way to bypass the need to purchase expensive computing power needed to support its platform.

SLATE Chain aims to decentralize the entertainment industry. Two applications are developed atop it: a streaming platform called binge and a ticketing service called Slatix. Such a heavy network, especially one that aims to support streaming, needs massive computing power.

Benefitting from Masternodes

Many blockchains use masternodes to reinforce their security. However, instead of using the massive computing power to pointlessly solve mathematical problems, SLATE Chain is going to utilize it for an additional benefit. Certaintly, SLATE Chain’s masternodes improve the security of the blockchain. However, in addition to this, the masternodes support the computing power needs’ of the applications developed on this blockchain.

There are existing entities that already possess plenty of computing power and these are likely to be either masternodes for other projects or miners of major coins. SLATE Chain offers these entities, and new ones, the ability to channel their computing power towards a new investment outlet.

Highly Scalable

It’s quite clear that masternodes allow SLATE to overcome the key barrier of competing against major tech giants. It allows the applications developed atop this blockchain to have the initial computing support needed without having to dedicate much capital to it. The greatest benefit, however, is that it offers an uncompetable level of scalability.

The number of masternodes willing to be a part of the SLATE ecosystem will likely start low, and this is understandable as the earnings from the initial delegation of computing power will be low and a few entities have the ability sustain low margins. However, while traditionally a start-up would have major concerns about raising capital to gain equipment once adoption kicks in, SLATE would face an organic rise in masternodes.

In simpler words, once SLATE’s applications have high traffic, the SLX tokens will be worth more and thus the rewards for masternodes will be worth more. Conversely, whenever audience levels will drop, SLX token price will lower and some masternodes will exit. This create an internal market equilibrium for computing power which allows SLATE Chain to offload its computing power or scalability concerns to a smart economy run by SLX token rewards for masternodes.

SLATE Chain’s use of masternodes allows it to waive the major expense—computing equipment—that holds back start-ups targeting against giants like Hulu or Netflix. SLATE Chain’s innovative solution to source its computing power gives it the competitive edge needed to easily support even the largest audiences.

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I think it is required and i am confident the battle can be won but a lot people, the masses still not be educated on decentralization and blockchain. in my marketing space it is already quite hard to get buy in by your fellow marketing colleagues.

And stop using xrp,bch and similar centralized shit.

It'll be tough to get people away from those tokens; they rank in the top 5 spots.

hey @hatu, the entertainment market definitely needs the block chain as an instrument to combat the negative factors of centralization. SLATE CHAIN will ​​allow users to have a better experience in the entretainment world. We already see that decentralization is making huge changes because giants like Facebook are showing interest in this world and I know, they'll succumb.

Undoubtedly, the blockchain will be a success in the entertainment industry. Guarantees more transparency and opportunities for any citizen to venture into it, leaving behind the concept of "only powerful people can do anything".

People are gradually realizing that cryptocurrencies are an asset that has value and can be use as a payment between two parties without the need for a third party. I am sure that in the future, we will use more cryptocurrencies to pay for any service. It is faster, safer and more reliable. :D!

Very well said.
The entertainment industry is vast and historically it has been one of the earliest adopters of new technology. Blockchain technology should have an easy time breaking into this territory and it seems SLATE wants to be lead the way.

The SLATE chain is great for basic costs, I agree with this opinion,thanks you for information.

The SLATE chain is great
For basic costs, I agree
With this opinion

                 - karimuddinn

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You actually need to think big to be a unicorn.
Not everyone can be a unicorn

That is usually true.
But I feel often times new start-ups don't create an entirely new product but just leverage better technology to do an existing service in a better way; that's what SLATE is trying to do.

Another unique post about blockchain. "Benefitting from Masternodes" catches my eyes. Can I have any possibilities to useMasternodes? I have no so much experience in the blockchain. Would you help me?

Masternodes require a Proof of Stake. You have to buy a large sum of tokens of a specific blockchain and you are allowed to provide computing power to sustain the network; you are rewarded with more tokens for your contribution of computing power.

Sounds like a decent project. Both streaming service and ticketing can be decentralised and content is something every big media company is after. Decentralized content, powered by a token is definitely doable. Consumers pay using the token and masternodes provide bandwidth. Eventuallythe company can also look towards original content. After all tokens can purely be money. Ticketing may be easier. Just like steemhunt or letseat on steemit. A marketplace is easier to develop.

True, the ticketing service will be an easy step since there's plenty of work already done that serves as a good example of how to create a tokenized marketplace.
The blockchain-integrated streaming service is a novelty. The fact that they have their own blockchain should be a considerable help.

the limit is heaven it's amazing how fast these companies can grow in such a short time; excellent content thanks friend.

There's a lot of development being done in this market. ICOs have made it easy to raise important capital as is the case for SLATE. This capital makes it easy to advance existing services, as SLATE does with the services in the entertainment market.

You are right, I understand that they are currently developing new protocols to improve all Icos, greetings, I am attentive to your publications

good analysis keep going

Thank you :)

Thank so much for your sharing informations for us.

Yes, SLATE Chain’s use of masternodes allows it to waive the major expense—computing equipment.

I learned and understood many things from your post.your post was unique. keep it up posting this type post.

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