New Content Platform: ex-Netflix & -Amazon Video Team turns to Decentralization

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The video content industry has seen strong shifts over the past few decades. This segment of the entertainment sector has seen audiences move traditional TV to digital media. While a large portion of digital content is simply a web stream of what would have otherwise been televised, partially decentralized Web 2 content platforms have emerged as clear leaders.

Websites like YouTube and Twitch are creator-centric, at least to some degree. While traditional TV is largely sourced from the same media houses, Web 2 content platforms have given content creators the capacity to develop media without the creativity constraint what would be faced by a singular content authority. The result of this is that younger generations, particularly millennials and Gen Z have a high preference for Web 2 content platforms over TV.

Topical Freedom

Interestingly, the freedom of creativity delivered within Web 2 content platforms is not what it seems. In traditional TV media, script writers’ and directors’ creativity was limited to the demands of the producers. Now, the producer has simply morphed into an algorithm.

While Web 2 content creators certainly enjoy more creative freedom than their counterparts in traditional media, they too are limited. The all-powerful algorithm dictates which content stands on top and as most Web 2 content creators are dependent on ad revenue for an income, the importance of satisfying their boss—the curation algorithm—cannot be understated. This creates an odd topical freedom in which the perspective may be that content creators can do as they deem fit, but reality is that they must conform to the content framework that the algorithm chooses to curate for greater exposure.

If you are interested in how YouTube's algo works, try this blog by the CRM SaaS Hootsuite.

True Content Freedom

Plenty of Web 3 projects are under development to deliver a solution to the Web 2 content platforms’ core problems. However, most of these solutions have not worked, not due to a technological limitation, but due to a business strategy failure.

One platform, that may now stand out due to its Chief Content Officer, is

Bitmov’s CCO is Jerry Jowal, a content professional who has worked as head of content strategy at both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Bitmov has what all other technologically sound Web 3 content platforms have: direct fan to content creator tips/rewards, direct advertiser to content creator ad campaigns, rewards for active fans whose engagement leads to good curation, etc.

What Bitmov stands out at is the ability to settle a good content strategy by having a team member who has executed this role at two leading Web 2 content platforms who have dethroned their established traditional media competitors on the sheer basis of content muscle. Consumers have little desire to shift from a system that works well; Web 2 is great for consumers due to its ease of use and well-researched, battle-tested UIs.

Web 3 must deliver the same convenient feels of the Web 2 platforms and Bitmov does so. However, this is just a foundational need. The key to winning consumers over is having a proper content strategy that appeals to new users and this is something which STEEM, for example, has failed at. Much of Steemit’s audience is driven through search results, ergo people who do not presently use the platform.

There is absolutely zero “Trending Page” strategy which could be used to funnel in potentially millions of new users. Instead, the “Trending Page,” is largely studded with STEEM app announcements. This form of curation bias has fizzled the platform’s growth and highlights how Web 3 platform’s have lacked at content strategy, pushing them well below their competing centralized parts.

Bitmov, however, hopes to not fall into this trap. Even though the project focuses in video content, importance of content strategy is of paramount importance.

While it certainly has all the technological capacities of other Web 3 platforms, its team composition is tailored towards user acquisition through content strategy alongside content freedom; both these aspects must be executed in conjunction to create not just any Web 3 platform, but a successful one.

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I totally agree with this article and I'm going to give bitmov a chance!

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Good jhob friends. Me like it

Hii guys... Bitmovi airdrop available in gleam .. join fast it's legit..u can check in its site.

Thankd you

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Hola @hatu muy interesante el tema sobre todo para los que queremos iniciar en este medio, tomare en cuenta tu punto de vista, gracias por los link…

Hello @hatu very interesting topic especially for those who want to start in this medium, I will take into account your point of view, thank you for the links...

I think Bitmov is very interesting. Not sure what they mean by the Fortnite generation, but sure.

Haha, I think they meant Gen Z.

Nice article bro. Me like it

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Thank you for the link @hatu at the end we will all adapt to the new platforms, obviously displace the traditional television ...

Nice one

dunno but i am honestly a bit tired to see your ads in trending, whether taking rewards or not. I think it is ok to see dev posts and apps in trending now, what else would you put there? Last but not least, you speak twice of Steem failing while we are still searching and growing, downvoted

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There's only one failure referenced towards STEEM, and that too at something specific: content strategy That is evidenced by Steemit's MoM traffic drop:

Not long ago, the visits were 50M+.
MoM heavy visit falls and a strikingly high bounce rate are not good. The reasoning for that IS that trending is usually full of nothing but dev posts. Acceptance of problems are the first step towards their resolution.

I even cited that most of STEEM's traffic is from search engines, ergo people who do not use it at present. Showing them that this site has nothing but its own dev content is absurd. It's the equivalent of a search-sourced user completing a Medium article and then subsequently being led to a series of Medium's dev updates.

Lastly, I don't give two-bits about your downvote. I wrote this to offer you some insight, which you probably aren't interested in, but could be beneficial to other onlookers.

Yeah. It's counterproductive to place internal memos in the top slots and push the arts and entertainment, along with everything, aside.

Paid promotions sitting in top slots is bad for business as well, since that's basically asking the consumer to tune in to the television channel that only shows advertisements. Your post is an advertisement/paid promotion. It's not in this slot because it's popular. Don't take that personally. It's only the truth.

There are many other frontends. Part of the decline is due to the fact even a websearch can lead someone to a different frontend to view the content that is also here on Steemit. Plenty of tribes, apps for mobile, etc.

Like I said, this is as much an ad as are the present Cointelegraph headlines. Industry updates are a low-hanging content consumption fruit. Meanwhile, art is very niche, even in the Crypto space.

At best, art should have its own tribe for that niche. Steemit's easiest go-to market is the Crypto space itself, which consumes content on industry's upcoming projects, TA, and regulation news.

Steemit isn't just about crypto though. That's a common misconception. And there is a tribe for art, but that doesn't mean that kind of content must be pushed aside by your advertisement. It's an advertisement by definition, regardless of content, the moment you purchased votes and used an exploit to push your content up to the trending page. Your post isn't on the trending page because it is popular. If you feel the market for your content is here, why not try honest curation? Why not try earning for your work, instead of pushing all other content aside so you can get visibility all while taking visibility away from those who earned the slot?

And my view is that you're largely wrong and plenty of data supports that. We can continue in DM since I'd like to continue this talk but I will likely stop looking at this article soon.

Do you have Telegram?

I must be a statistical anomaly then. Unfortunately, this entity doesn't really talk much outside of the platform.

@hatu, i will remove my downvote as

  1. I had a good look at your blog there is defnitely more than just advertising
  2. I kind of understand your point, i hope you also see a little bit our concerns too though...
  3. You have a nice picture and it looks like you're Indian and i live in India, worthless argument, i know :-)
  4. Somebody just downvoted a comment of me (first time) and it feels not good, another worthless argument.

Also, pretty sure someone like you would deem that Cointelegraph's current headline pieces are just ads for NBA, Blockchain Dollar (project), Wilshire Phoenix (company), and Binance.

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Thanks for the post.

@hatu, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Space empowered many and now ideas are converted into practical form and working products. Stay blessed.

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good post thanks for shaering

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