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Dear Blockchain/Crypto Community,

I’m getting a band together.

As managing editor, I am currently seeking writers for Tokenverse, the first of a growing network of sites intended to collectively bring people within reach and understanding of blockchain and related technologies. Featured columnists on Tokenverse can also be set up with their own site which will feed content into Tokenverse and other sites in the network. The goal is to create channels of content that accommodate a wide range of perspective and experience within the space.

Unique perspective. Approachable voice. Persistent curiosity. Basically, we want to work with writers that people will want to read. Our main goal is to bring clarity to the space for the layman; this requires one to be able distill and convey complex concepts in a manner that is easier for newcomers to digest.

Along with thought pieces, we will also publish a news feed, so we are also looking for writers who can not only commentate on the goings-on of blockchain world, but also provide objective news journalism.

Will you be compensated? Yes. Although we will not be using cash, BTC, or ETH, but TOV, our token unit of value that will become increasingly integrated with various processes of the site such as upvoting, commenting, donating to contributors, etc. We will accept TOV as payment for all services Tokenverse will provide. Early on this will largely be ad space and signal boosting for projects. This will be collected in a pool to be distributed according to set percentages. We want to fairly and properly compensate all contributors for helping the network grow and mature. While this is by its nature an experimental approach, we believe that it can be an effective way to drive the value of the network.

A breakdown of the services we will provide and how compensation will be allocated throughout the network can be found here: http://www.tokenverse.com/services/

You can reach me directly at [email protected] if you are interested in helping a young project grow or if you simply have any questions.

If you are interested in becoming a featured columnist, guest writer, or news feed contributor, send me an email introducing yourself and your background/entry into the space. I would greatly appreciate it if you are interested in being a contributing writer to go ahead and attach a writing sample.

If you already have a site or blog and wish to join the network, we can discuss that as well.

Here is a link for you to explore the Tokenverse beta: http://www.tokenverse.com/

Until next time,

Garrison Breckenridge


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