Giant Step - Crypto Adoption On a Massive Scale

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According to Cointelegraph, E-Commerce Giant Rakuten’s New Payment App Appears to Support Crypto. Liked to Amazon, Rakuten is a major player in the e-commerce space.

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Support for cryptocurrencies will be available in Rakuten's payments app which is still about a month out. It also sounds like the payment app will have exchange support from "Everybody's Bitcoin", which Rakuten purchased in 2018.

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Now here is the really big news question!

Amazon is getting more serious competition. Do you think they too will start accepting cryptocurrencies? Let's hope so! That would definitely be a giant step for cryptocurrencies adoption.


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Thank you @zouhair40. And it shows that power players are taking cryptocurrency serious.

Exactly right.

Très intéressant

Oh, estoy de acuerdo @oliviaas. Lo que es aún más interesante para mí es que puedo encontrar historias como esta casi a diario. Da mucha fuerza a mi creencia en Cripto.

Mass adoption in on the way in crypto. Big players like Rakuten are game changer and it's great to have them as a pioneer in the e-commerce marketplace space. Such a great news!

I believe also that e-commerce platform providers that are the technology behind some big local e-commerce players, will also play an important role, once they allow crypto payments via API integration to their clients. (The local e-commerce marketplace retailers)

By the way, when I say local e-commerce retailers, I am talking about players that can have huge impact on crypto.

For instance, the total Brazilian ecommerce revenue across all product categories is 18.7 billion USD, and is expected to grow to 29 billion USD by 2021. (Source:

With that happening, it's certain to say that it's a matter of the e-commerce retailers clients to make a buzz and asking them to accept crypto. (It will take no effort at all to the ones using a third party technology, once their platform providers will have it available on the API)

Thanks for sharing it!

Great. However, the mass adoption of cryptos is far from the desired levels.

Here's hoping!!! If Amazon dip their toes into Cryto - then flood gates!

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