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The blockchain technology is known to be a technology that can destroy the content publishing industry and the story industry, simply providing solutions to the problems faced by content authors and stories and publishers in this century. Simplifying the distribution of content and stories, as well as the effectiveness of the monetization process, is one of the reasons why the blockchain technology should be adopted in the story-writing and publishing industry.

Most third-party services responsible for publishing content have been observed. and stories and payment of rewards, always select a high percentage of rewards intended for creators. Have you ever imagined writing stories and content for several hours and days, and at the end of the day, third-party services pick up rewards that belong to you? I thought it was unfair to the authors, and that is why Storichain is here to offer solutions to all the problems faced by the authors and publishers of stories, as well as readers.

Storichain can be seen as a digital history asset management system that allows people to make online transactions even with unreliable people by entering into an “agreement to prevent the theft of ideas”. Another problem in the industry is that of profit sharing. For example, the webtoon industry, which is one of the largest in Korea based on stories, has already exceeded 700 million US dollars in market size, but there are still many people who doubt in the structure of profit sharing in the industry, as well as in many materials. Creators still have difficulty getting enough compensation for their work.

In fact, no one can prevent a person from distributing text content, since all he needs to do is take a picture of his monitor and distribute it anywhere he wants. Thus, instead of simply preventing such actions, Storichain considers it more important to prove the value of the author’s efforts by systematically measuring who contributed to history, when and how they contributed, how ownership was transferred, and how much each Creator contributed to the story in the case of collaboration.

Storichain calls this kind of data “activity metrics”. Since activity metrics are used to distribute profits accumulated by history, it cannot be falsified or manipulated. In addition, performance indicators are also used as a basis for calculating the growth index, which is used to determine the value of the main asset of a story. This will be the basis for profit sharing.

The principle of the project Storichain

Storichain begins by placing a token's value base on creating stories, which ultimately wants to reduce the cost of trust between the participants in the story industry — writers, production companies, and readers. In this way, Storichain will make the process of creating a derivative work from source material more transparent, deciding the injustice that exists in the industry and creates new values. Storichain does not store the original textual history data in the blockchain. This is due to the fact that Storichain takes into account the contribution made at the creation stage and the transaction, as well as the transfer of ownership of the history more than the text / graphic data of the story itself.

Features of the project:

  • A space where everyone can post a secret situation in the history with the protection of personal information.
  • Return is possible for unread parts! Reaction on stage, exchange, rating, recommendation.
  • Your deep contribution to the creation is also based on your reaction!
  • Cut-in Talk: comment between the lines of actors.
  • Remuneration, if it is taken after giving the personal life episode to the writer.
  • Distribution of copyright income as the growth index grows.

The project team

Junes Lee (CEO & CO-FOUNDER)

Jin-Yong CHOI (CTO)



Sang Hoon Han (CLO)

You can learn more about the concept of the project and find answers to all your questions on official resources, which, as always, wait for you at the end of the article. Good luck!

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