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Wallets are a must have for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and/or users. This is arguably the most important tool that one needs to have a decent cryptocurrency experience. Digital wallets have come in for digital assets, this is only normal because they both operate in saw form. Digitally. Over time, there's been an inflow of digital wallets too, but a few only tend to create a seamless experience for users. This is where all funds are kept.

However, There have been a series of attacks on wallets and user funds in recent times, this had led to a lot of unsafety and uncertainty in the crypto world. This is because people have lost a sizeable amount of funds through hacks, cyber attacks, insecurity, loss of access, etc. People operate with the fear of the knowledge that they could lose all funds at any time or any little security breach.

Luckily for us, there been a consistent growth in technology and innovation, we have had to witness an inflow of cloud storage wallets and hardware wallets, a better way of securing funds. This where the Cobo wallet is birthed.

The Cobo wallet is a high-security cryptocurrency wallet that comes with a more dynamic approach to the other wallets out there. The wallet integrates the ability to carrying out a lot of tasks through a mobile device, this is key if you consider that slot of wallets do not support a seamless mobile operation for users, especially for users who are most likely to be on the move and may not have the luxury of always moving about with a computer, this is usually the case with staking wallets.

Cobo Wallet creates a single point solution system where users can achieve a lot through the use of a single wallet. Integrating both cloud storage to a Hardware system.

Also, to further push for the mass adoption of the blockchain technology, the platform thrives on creating an enabling and intuitive interface for beginners in the game. Users can easily get grip on the wallet by staying in control of their funds through the use of their personal customised password, which in turn leads to the creation of a specially dedicated wallet to the platform. This can be used for all the regular transactions carried out.

DApp devs can also initiate a direct connection with other Dapps and also create various and customisable activities where they can keep a full track of everything by putting them in the watch list. All these can be done through the use of a smartphone. This is a wonderful one.

*The cobo wallet supports a direct swapping of digital currencies in the platform, this is a very welcome development because it goes on to bypass the rigours of going through various exchanges to trade tokens. And with over 600 tokens available, users can easily swap directly in the wallet app.

The Cobo wallet lays a lot of emphasis on security, considering that this is a big business where lots of funds are houses, with the Hardware wallet, users can stay in control of their funds by keeping a tab on a 12 words security system that'd be generated on entry. This keeps a secure seal on the wallet as users will need them to be able to access the wallet. Also, users can easily integrate the use of their Hardware wallet if they not connected on the Internet, seamlessly, on all devices.*

Cobo wallet comes with a watertight security system. Encryption of a waterproof hardware wallet is a step in the right direction. The encryption works on the system of a system of protection, where the system is automated to automatically delete all data of there's any case of tempering. However, data will be recovered with the private keys kept by the original user and owner of the wallet.

Features of the platform
*1. Staking

  1. Swap
  2. Cloud storage
  3. Hardware storage
  4. Security
  5. Mining
  6. Self destruct mechanism
  7. Ultra high-level encryption system.
  8. Multi-signature
  9. Safe data transfer*

The Cobo wallet is the first military-grade hybrid wallet system, with the Cobo Vault meeting the US MIL-STD-810G military grade system, with an aluminium encoder chip.

More information can be seen through the use of the following links.

Website: http://cobo.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/cobowallet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cobo_Wallet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coboOfficial
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