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For you to get to see or read this article that I have just published about this wonderful project, you most probably will be needing an Internet. Especially if you are trying to access from a different geographical location as me. This is in summary, the level of importance that the Internet has garnered over the years.

The Internet led to a very huge global revolution, albeit for the betterment of humanity. Today, people can easily get access to a lot of things globally from the comfort of their homes, with the help of an electronic device and an internet service. With youtube, one can learn a lot of tutorials to aid them in life. With Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and sort, we get to grow our businesses or contacts globally by seamlessly connecting with people from different walks of life. Today, there's an online collection of libraries that can be used for numerous researches by just using an Internet.

Those are some of the benefits of the Internet. But, just like every innovation, the Internet comes with a drawback. A level of risks.

Privacy issues or identity theft has grown over the years just like the Internet has, people have lost their personal data by using platforms on the Internet. This is made possible because these platforms require a lot of personal information to be registered. In turn, this information is sold out or even stolen for other uses. As a result, the need for a more privacy-protected system became a demand. While there are regulations who claim to protect the interests of the customers by keeping their data safe, they haven't kept o their promises. The theft and selling of information keep on the rise. Hence, the introduction of the blockchain.

Now, the blockchain is a decentralized system that is resistant to modification of the data. It is built on an open, distributed ledger that has the ability to keep transaction details between parties in a permanent and verified way. It is a peer-to-peer system that keeps all data in a block that can't be altered or changed without the permission of other blocks. All that, in a bid to create a proper private system.

Now, let's have a proper look at SERO(Super Zero).

What is SERO?

SERO is a decentralized blockchain system that aims to create one of the most privately secure platforms on the blockchain. The platform leverages on the blockchain to provide users with the option of truly protecting their data accounts coupled with the ability to create privacy coins that can be used to complete a smart contract. Also, with Sero Dapps developers can create encrypted cryptocurrencies.

Like the Ethereum, which is widely considered the blockchain 2.0, SERO will create a platform for developers and community users to create their own private Dapps and smart contracts that will be able to serve for different purposes. Any platform built on the Sero blockchain will thrive on greater privacy protection feature.

SERO implements the use of the world's first full Zero-Knowledge-Proof that truly implements blockchain privacy protection and a public chain platform that supports Turing Complete smart contract operations.

Super-ZK — Zero-knowledge Proof encryption library, independently developed by SERO is currently the fastest in encryption performance. In the same application scenario, Super-ZK encryption speed is 20 times faster than Zcash (the mainstream privacy protection cryptocurrency that at present, uses zk-SNARKs). Compare with Bulletproofs (the latest bulletproof protocol) Super-ZK is more than four times faster.

SERO supports both UTXO+ACCOUNT transactions, using UTXO model where CT(Confidential Transactions) are required and using ACCOUNT model where smart contracts need to be run.

Who can use Sero?

The essence of the whole process is to create privacy protection for the day o day activities of human, therefore the Sero project is focused on the real human use cases.

In a system of a full orthodox business ideology, like a supply chain, Sero can be implemented in the business system to push for a competitive advantage by keeping out private and key information from the public eyes. In this case, a firm can operate on its own terms, strategy and always be a step ahead with a full supply of elements of surprises. Competitors cannot steal their data and ideas.

For those in the medical field, Medical information and data can be encrypted and locked away from public eyes by individuals or institutions who'd rather want it so.

Financial institutions can use the Sero chain to keep or hedge funds. Trading patterns, transactions and positions of investment banks can all be protected by SERO.


As a blockchain project, the platform runs on the use of a token that will act as the basis of all transactions on the platform.

Token Ticker: SERO

Platform: Own wallet

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 SERO


With the backing of the cryptocurrency big guns, like LD capital, and a key strategic partnership with QTUM, it is very easy to then picture the potential of Sero. Sero will oversee the full implementation, commercialization, and adoption of the blockchain globally.

With Sero, privacy is sure.

More information about his project can bee seen through the use of the following links.

Website: https://sero.cash/en/

Whitepaper: https://sero.cash/en/uploadfile/upload/2019052010565112.pdf

Wallet: https://sero.cash/en/#wallet

Telegram: https://t.me/SeroOfficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEROProtocol/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SEROdotCASH/

Medium: https://medium.com/@SERO.CASH

Written by Goodnuel

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