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I love music. I know you do too.

Music is very essential to the general well being of humans, and even animals too. We could not overemphasise the significance of music. The process of making music is a tasking one though, all the key stages require a really high level of inputs and funds. Because, gifts and talents are apparently not enough to reach the very highest levels. Most times, artist have found it hard to excel. Or even to make a good means of livelihood from their art. This does have a lot to do with artists having very limited funds to push their talents, or record labels ripping off upcoming artists. Even the top artists have, in most cases struggled to get their earned rewards from labels, music publishers, or even distributors. Other times, they have faced issues of internal policies, hidden terms, conditions and greed, etc.

Today, with the level of technology going up and up, we have discovered newer and more stable ways to do things, with the aid of the modern technology, artist have leveraged on the use of social media platforms to build a sizeable fan base. Others have even gone global through this. This community in a global scale can also help an artist achieve his goals through crowdfunding. This goes to eliminate the need of unfair record labels who end using artists and their works with nothing to show for it. One of the easiest means of crowdfunding is through the blockchain.

With crowdfunding, artists, producers and even record labels will be able to be completely in control of their funds and marketing. Considering that the art of making music is one that involves a whole lot of bodies, crowd funding goes to remove a good number of the several layers of middlemen who stand between the artists, their music and fans. This breaks a lot of limits for everyone.


With the blockchain, imusify aims to create a one point solution system for artists that would include the crowdunding, streaming and social media functions. This is to ensure that artists can easily pursue their dreams and launch their musical goals through crowdunding. Also, these artists can seamlessly keep in touch with their fans all over the world. Seamlessly, again.

The aim of the project is pretty simple, important and straightforward. The option for musicians to take control of their musical career and potential revenues. This doesn't outrightly cut out the need for a physical music record labels, but it creates a more extensive approach that'd enable musician have and control a blossoming musical career.

Also, the project looks at rewarding everyone who has contributed to the platform and growth of music. Active users who support projects on the platform will be rewarded. Users who also support the plat9by making votes for music, or users who go on to upload new music, or even those who share the music on playlists will all be rewarded for their contribution to the growth of not just the platform but also the growth of artists and content curators. Rewards are to be paid through the platforms indigenous currency. IMU.

All that can be made possible considering that the imusify platform has shown great strides as an Award-Winning platform. Through the blockchain and the integration of a full smart reward system that'd unsurp its competitors, building the much needed trust, transparency and safety on the platform. Using the blockchain to fully implement a smart process of crowdfunding that will not only boost careers for artists alone but also create a path for music entrepreneurs, fans, curators, etc. All processes will be guided by the use of blockchain smart contracts that will ensure a water-tight security system and build a fully transparent and people oriented ecosystem.

The IMU token
As a decentralized blockchain system, the imusify project employes the use of an indigenous currency that will be the fuel of ecosystem. Providing security, ease of transaction and speed to the platform. The IMU token is a utility token in the NEO blockchain, which will be the basis of interaction on the platform. Payments for rewards, transactions fees and other fees will done through the use of the token.

Imusify has proven to be a very keen innovators as they have always followed up and adapted to new technologies that will go on to improve the music industry.

The token sale is on and prospective participants can get into being a part of this great innovative move by taking part in the sale and acquiring tokens which automatically makes them a part of the system. Tokens can be purchased here.

For more information about the Imusify project, use any of the following links.

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