07/02 - 07/13 dev report

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Our Kanban board has finally moved to Zenhub! Find there all the actual statuses/updates regarding the “In Progress”, “QA” tasks, and a lot more.

We suggest that you pay attention to the “Epics” tab positioned on the right wing of the board. It represents a variety of large-scale key tasks dating from 2nd of July that were consequently fragmented into smaller ones.

Here we go:

1) Create a system of numerical errors # 741 - development of the text-type errors of blockchain which could not be previously recognized (read) on the client side. Solution: issuing a hierarchical structure with the detailed step by step description that lead to a specific error. More information you can get from an analysis by one of our developers Semen Medvedev via this link.

One of the subtasks is currently in QA pipeline and is about delivering error messages to clients in more accessible form.

2) Plugin for private messenger (issue #750) - creating a multifunctional plug-in for a private instant messenger. A detailed description of features of this plugin are available via the link.

Please consider the issue #805 from In Progress section which represents the implementation of the user's contact list.

 3) Additional cleaning of the node from the point of view of the old information # 744 - getting rid of the additional node assembly type with the special compilation flag LOW_MEMORY_NODE = true. To fully configure the new configuration files additional flags to be added to allow more flexible configuration of the information stored by the node, which is reducing the amount of memory consumed by it.

There’s one referral subtask to it that is In Progress:

- Add depth history for storing the contents of comments # 796 - the ability to set the body history of posts and comments that you need to store. This feature allows you to disable the storage of the body of posts completely and/or store the body of posts until there is a payment for the post; save the body of posts for the last 3 months.

The following two pull-ups can be found in the testing (QA):

- Configuration Flag for storing Account Metadata # 794 - This task allows you to configure the storage of metadata for accounts.

- Add a flag to save the memo when transferring with preservation # 797 - Creating an additional flag that would regulate the way memo is kept in data storage

In addition, in the In Progress section, you can find the following:

- Filter user activity history # 742 - general user history filtering / elimination of the user operations history. There is a lot of data stored in blockchain. In order to make sense of the user-generated data we are developing some additional tools that would recognize the type of operation performed by the user, shape black / white-lists and genera te the exact name of the operation. At the moment it’s possible to extract the user-specific information per page only. After completing this task one will be able to filter the data not only by account, but also by the type of the operation performed.

And, finally, let’s head over to some independent subjects from QA:

- Cli_wallet can not sign tx if the account is added account_auths # 699 - we are fixing a bug that cli_wallet couldn’t sign transactions when other accounts were registered in account_auths before

- Get_discussion_by_feed does not fill in rebloged_by # 816 - we are fixing a bug of the original reblogger being not displayed in personal feeds

- Ability to track virtual operations through the client # 743 - it will be possible to see the virtual operations performed by blockchain. Within this task framework we’ve added a brand new virtual operation, allowing to see the award to the operator of the block

At the moment the QA pipeline comprises of manually tested tasks. In the near future, the Golos Core team will begin manual testing of complex tasks that are difficult to cover using unit testing. We have already begun to gradually rebuild the internal processes to get error-free code at the end of the testing.


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