Why understanding time is important to understanding Blockchain.

in blockchain •  11 months ago

We know time because we trust it worldwide. images (3).jpg

It is the only language that is globally agreed upon besides some differences in daylight savings time acknowledgements during certain parts of the year. Money is another story. It is a language that the governments made up and the public had to follow.

Enter Bitcoin
images (4).jpg
Enter Blockchain
download (1).jpg
With Blockchain we can achieve global agreement on the price of any asset that will be steadily realized over time. The more decentralized the more fairly it will be realized. The more decentralized a Blockchain is the more we all have a say, a vote, a voice in the said asset. The more centralized Blockchains may survive but they will not be the dominant players in their respective industries.

We need to keep things more decentralized so that we all can be speaking the same language.

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