Can Blockchain create workplaces or only destroys them

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Blockchain is an almost new technology. It could be the next generation internet of tomorrow. As we have seen the past years most of new technologies push away old jobs that are not needet but most of the times they bring new jobs with them.
Blockchain is a technology that can leave by site jobs of middleman and this jobs will surely not apriciate it(banks, salesmen, etc.) . But the majority of jobs that it brings up with it as it develops , could make the lives easier and expand in new ways how we work(workingtimes) , on what(teaching, etc.) and from were(home, etc.) . It makes all kind of transactions much faster than today. You can make transactions from homes trade to money or such us send pictures to get a ticket for an art galerie, and much much more. Everybody can have his own control on what he has(ownership of something), what he wants to do with it(byu,sell) and how he may want to use it(borrow,hold etc). Copyrights could be automated too, because for example as somebody publishes something on a open type blockchain everybody can see when he published it and what.
So going on a little deeper on what jobs could it bring with it I would start from telling programmers that will keep creating new blockchains or evolve the existing or maybe come up with a much better idea. Also companies that will make things for people who can't do it or don't have the time or even don't know how. Teachers who will educate the next generations. New types of banks but much more decentralized than now. Miners that will not have to go and die digging in mountains but mining at home with their equipment. New type of exchange centers or even new type of open markets around the world. People could become their own traders, bankers and so much more. Business always existed and will keep existing as people will need to have an income from something to live.
So to the conclusion of this article I strongly believe Blockchain will bring much more benefits than disturbe the todays eco system. Everybody should look out to evolve with this technology and put it in his business acording to what he needs it. Never forget that when the internet came out almost no one used it but today we need it the most and blockchain can make it even better

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