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XAYA, what is it? What is it about?

Greetings dear readers, this time making this article interesting that makes us xaya through originalworks.

Many should know this XAYA platform, but then for what they do not know, I will still tell you what it is about.

What is XAYA?

It is a platform according to my point of view of games linked with cryptocurrencies, or rather it is a combination of crytos with console games. Allowing companies to interact and create games without having their own servers.

What is it about?

Xaya tries to unite these two things, to be a platform re-empowered, in the aspect that for people who like videogames and at the same time like the part of cryptomonedas, it becomes a mining and maybe it can do better and more attractive this platform. So it can be a potential blockchain since many like the part of the games.

Or As Andrew Colosimo expressed: "Basically it is a platform for people to create blockchain games. but with almost unlimited complexity and no expensive gasoline costs. "

Speaking a bit about their past, XAYA, in 2013, they were programming the first block chain game in the world as a result of all that, they could begin to witness the results thanks to their effort and dedication. From the hand of Hurtecoin that was a success resulting in 35,000 characters interacting within the platform and specifically in the game.

Bringing as additional results advantages in the future for the next games as advantages of them, like 24 hours a day for 7 days a week and being completely fair.

Now, what else does XAYA bring us?

Two promising games.

"Treat fighters is a game set in the world of Canedoom! Cook up your best treat fighters, and compete with others in battle. The game will run entirely on the blockchain. With nodes acting as servers, players can expect 100% uptime in this crafting type game genre".

Truly, this game looks entertaining but there will be many if you like it

"Sign your contract as head coach, create your club and take charge to become the most successful soccer manager in the world".

"Soccer Manager Crypto is a provably fair, decentralised, massively multiplayer football management game. This is the first game of its kind, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary".

"Unlike existing games, this blockchain-based approach provides gamers with a real transfer economy. In-game currency, players, stadiums, and more are fully and verifiably owned by the players for transfer, trade, or sale".

Who does not like football? Well, soccer manager sees a great prospect for this platform and is very attractive.

Answering the following questions:

Why is the team - having worked on Huntercoin, perfectly positioned to execute on their vision?

Because as of this time, it can be said that it has all the potential to be better positioned, since they have been able to stand out in the world of hutecoin and the blockchain in addition that they have a well qualified team for this task.

Why is security and fairness such an integral aspect to decentralized gaming, especially with in-game assets having value?

When it comes to assets, investors seek to ensure they do not lose anything, so this project guarantees keeping the accounts thanks to the cryptocurrency "CHI" using all the tools of the blockchain to avoid any cheating or fraud.

Why are partnerships with games such as Soccer Manager and Treat Fighter important in helping Xaya become mainstream?

It is important that with this alliance they will be able to give more weight to their platform, which would make them more attractive with these games in such a multifunctional way and attracting large investors making them feel pleasantly satisfied and their team that is more capable.

What are some of the possibilities in combining Xaya's blockchain scaling solutions with VR technology?

The possibilities of XAYA are many, throughout these years for the team, mentioning in the part of large virtual worlds, and as the technology advances, XAYA will continue to advance and succeed.

How will having hundreds of thousands users from Soccer Manager using the Xaya blockchain help the network in rapid mainstream adoption?

The vision that you have in this game is great, since those who use soccer manager can adapt to this platform re-powered and with hard work that makes the team of XAYA, taking into account that any asset of the game can be transferred or sold if so the player wants it.

What are some good use cases?

XAYA will be a virtual asset platform, it will be trading, so to speak, at the same time it will also do a good job at the moment of games with its due frame, it will be so impressive that the players that do so will be able to become miners since they will be able to receive a rewards and therefore they feel comfortable with the platform, so that if you want to integrate XAYA you have the doors open for you.

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