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What is it?

Hey! How are you doing? Do not miss the opportunity to know what Canteredcontent is about. If you are looking to generate income from the comfort of your home this is the platform you are looking for and need to start now.

The first thing you have to know about this digital platform is that it will allow you to access different types of publications, you can generate income by helping other users and also writing about topics that you are passionate about and enjoy, you will also be able to know different companies and what they are dealing with. the same Cateredcontet offers its active users the possibility of competing in different types of events, in addition if you manage to win some of these contests it will be immediately deposited in your portfolio that income.

Cateredcontent acts as a digital marketing company when associating with other companies related to the diffusion through the publication and its writings, efficiently achieving recommendations so that you can choose the incentives and the prizes it offers.

Do you want to join Cateredcontent?

You just have to follow these simple steps and once you have created your username and password you will be able to access your account and start using it and know everything that it offers you.

1- Register

2- Edit your profile

3- Add an Ethereum email address (Here you must create a user that will allow you to manage your own personal portfolio with which you can change the prizes you win).

4- Go to active events

5- Choose an event

6- Read the instructions and description of events

7- Write your article

8- Publish it

9- Wait for the contest to end

10- Receive your prize

!! Congratulations!! You have already started using Canteredcontent

Objectives of Cateredcontent?

The main objective is that all its users develop to reach elite levels, all start being small fish as you earn awards and actively participating in everything that this platform offers and you can gradually grow

The greater your participation in the events, the greater your reward will be, and of course, you will be able to expand your personal portfolio with greater prizes.

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