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If you have been hearing about ​Brave browser and wondered why there is so much fuss, you have come to the right place. I will explain everything you want to know about the Brave browser.

So, what is Brave Browser? Brave is a web browser that automatically blocks ads and trackers while providing faster page loading times. In addition, Brave rewards users, publishers, and advertisers financially with BAT Coins in exchange for user attention.

If you are interested in finding out if Brave is right for you...keep reading. I will also give you some helpful tips for using this service.

How To Use Brave Browser?
Brave browser works the same as most other web browsers as far as functionality. Simply type in the website and up pops your page. It also uses a standard search bar such as google.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Brave Browser?

Unwanted Digital Advertising

Advertisements bombard our phone, kill battery life, and slow down device performance. In addition, we actually pay advertisers to bombard us as they suck up data from our data plans. Brave browser automatically blocks ads, and ad trackers, so you can enjoy the content you are looking for without ad interruptions.

Faster Page Load Time

Advertisements require extra time and bandwidth to load. Therefore, if there is no advertisements the speed of your page loading increases. Page loading speeds are 2x faster than Chrome on desktop, and 8x faster on mobile devices. There is actually a fun tracker on the brave home screen that shows you how much time you have saved.

How Much Does It Cost?
Brave is Free to download and use.

How To Download It?
Brave is very simple to download and easy to use. You can download it Here.

Want To Get Paid For Your Attention?

Brave has created a cryptocurrency token known as BAT (Basic Attention Token). Users, Publishers, and Advertisers are all rewarded for being a part of the Brave ecosystem.

Users: Users can choose to allow ads in exchange for being paid BAT. In addition, users can also choose to contribute a portion of their BAT to content creators that provide the best value.

Publishers and Content Creators:

Users choose a monthly contribution amount which is divided among the sites that they frequent most. In addition, content creators can add a "tip" button to their website in which the reader can reward the publisher for their great content. Content creators can also establish rewards their users who promote their content.


Brave browser anonymously evaluates user attention and interests. This allows advertisers to gain more effective targeting and higher conversions. Only ads that are of interest to the user are displayed.

Brave Browser Important Facts

  1. Brendan Eich is the developer of Brave. He is also the creator of Javascript, and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox.
  2. Brave has already been downloaded by more than 20 million users.
  3. Brave is one of the most successful projects as far as cryptocurrency adoption into society. It provides a solid and legitimate use case for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Is Brave The Same As Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

No. Brave is the service being provided to customers while BAT is a cryptocurrency token which is being used as the medium of exchange in the Brave ecosystem. BAT is an ERC 20 token built on Ethereum. There are 1.5 Billion BAT tokens which have been produced and most of them are currently in circulation.

Where To Buy BAT?

The simplest way to purchase BAT is by purchasing them through an exchange. I prefer using Coinbase because they can be purchased using a credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank account.

Click Here to set up an account and start purchasing BAT.

How To Store BAT Once You Have Purchased It?

You can use any cryptocurrency wallet that accepts ERC20 tokens. In addition, it is important to decide how you are going to use your BAT. If you are only purchasing a little for use within the BAT ecosystem, you will want to keep it on a software wallet. If you are buying large amounts and planning on holding them for a while you will probably want to use a hardware wallet. Click Here to see my recommended list.

If you are newer to cryptocurrency, you will want to read the full article on how cryptocurrency wallets work HERE.

Helpful Tips for Using Brave Browser

Certain websites require more security than others. Brave has built in shields which block certain ads or information to be loaded. If you need to allow or disallow shields, click on the lion icon next to your search bar and set it to your desired setting.

​Ad Blockers:
Once the ad program is launched you may want to allow some ads so you can begin receiving BAT as a reward. Again, click on the lion icon next to your search bar and adjust accordingly.

Brave Wallet:
If you have downloaded a Brave Wallet you can access it by clicking on the red triangle icon next to your search bar. This allows you to change your auto contribute settings, give tips to content creators, and also purchase additional BAT.

Is Brave A Good Service? (My Honest Review)

I have been using Brave for several weeks and it has delivered on its promises as far as fast web searches and ad blocking. I really like the counter that shows how many ads have been blocked, and how much time I have saved, by searching through their browser. On the other hand. the ability to earn BAT for viewing ads and participating in their user attention program has not yet been activated but is due to go live in the near future. I will update this review once I have been able to test that program out for a while.


Over 600 million people use some kind of ad blocker on their devices. It is clear that people do not want to be bombarded with unwanted ads. Having a browser that automatically eliminates ads just makes sense. In addition, when your device is not weighed down by ads your search can be completed much quicker. Brave browser represents an excellent real world use case of how blockchain and cryptocurrency can improve our economy.

Download it for free here ----->>>>> BRAVE BROWSER

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