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fun playing video games.jpgWhat blockchain or cryptocurrency games are currently working and active? There is a growing list of blockchain games active in the market, and many more will be available in the near future. Arcade style games, adventure games, role play games, strategy games, simulation games and many more genres are beginning to quietly disrupt the video gaming industry.

I wrote an article explaining why video games will play an important part of blockchain and cryptocurrency going mainstream. At the same time, I began playing some of the blockchain games that are currently active in the market. I found a handful of blockchain games that were fun, addicting and paid out cryptocurrency as a reward for playing. On the other hand, I found a few games that were boring, annoying and just not worth the time. Check out my reviews to help you find some fun new games to play.

Here are the best (and worst) blockchain games and my reviews:

A Few Tips Before We Get Started:

-Every game on this list can be downloaded on your phone.
-Some games allow you to earn cryptocurrency and exchange it for real cash.
-Some games allow you to level up and sell, or trade, characters and game items for money.
-Some games require specific game wallets to hold or exchange their cryptos. Be ready to download.
-Some games require you to own their cryptocurrency in order to play.
-There are no blockchain gambling games on this list.
-I am an affiliate for some of these games. If you download a recommended game using my link, you and I, may both receive special bonuses.

bitcoin builder app.jpg1.) Bitcoin The Game
​The object of this game is to complete full columns and rows to advance levels and collect Redd Coins. Collect enough Redd coins and you can exchange them for other cryptocurrency. This game is similar to Tetris.

What I like:
-Fun Puzzle Game
-Ads are easily skipped.
-Bonus coins reload and can be claimed every 10 seconds.
-Classic game mode or timed game mode.

What I don't like:
-Redd coins don't currently carry much market value (Maybe in the future???)
-Takes a long time to clear a level with minimal coin reward.

alien run app.jpg

  1. Alien Run

This is a race and strategy type game. Run, jump, and fly your character through the obstacle course in return for Bitcoin satoshi.

What I like:

-It's fun and challenging.
-Lots of different levels.
-Simple game controls.
-Earn Bitcoin.

What I Don't Like:

  • If you get stuck on a challenging level you don't earn Bitcoin until you pass it.
  • You have to watch full length 30 sec. ads between levels.
  • Can't easily switch between Daily adventure and regular adventure.

![worldopo app.jpg]

3.) Worldopo:
Augmented reality game that is kind of like a combination between Pokemon Go, Monopoly and Sim City. Player collects gems as they travel around town. Gems are then exchanged for hexagons, mining rigs and other items. Compete against other players who may be in your area to build the biggest city. Use Referral Code: 1TSM-BA9P-5W7N for special bonus.

What I like:
-I like the concept of this game.
-Interactive between game and real world.
-Exchange in game items for cryptocurrency or cash.

What I Don't Like:
-Can only collect 1 gem per hour.
-No instructions on how to play. (Little confusing as far as objective and strategy)
-Takes a lot of time to collect gems and build city.

blockchain app.jpg

4.) Blockchain Game:

Use skill and timing to build a blockchain tower. The higher you build the tower the more Bitcoin you can earn.

What I like:

-Easy to play.
-Earn Bitcoin.

What I don't like:

-Lots of ads.
-Only one chance to play per hour.

abundance app.jpg

5.) Abundance:

This app teaches you the "financial mindset" when you unlock quotes. Each quote you unlock earns you a small amount of Bitcoin Satoshi's.

What I like:

-It is simple.
-You learn great financial quotes from some of the most financially successful people in history.
-You earn Bitcoin for learning.

What I don't like:

  • It only lets you get a new quote once every hour.
  • If you want to earn extra Bitcoin satoshi you need to watch 30 sec ad.

free bitcoin app.png

6.) Free Bitcoin: So this is not really a game. It's just a way to collect free Bitcoin satoshi.

What I like:

-Earn free Bitcoin just for returning and clicking the button.

What I don't like:

  • Can only claim once an hour.

cryptorun app.jpg

7.) CryptoRun:

Race against other players to collect coins. As you collect coins, you can upgrade your character or cash out your coins for your favorite cryptocurrency. Avoid getting hit by ghost, characters, or falling off the edge, or you will lose some of your coins.

What I like:
-Collect coins quickly.
-Easy to control.
-Different characters to choose from.
-No Ads.

What I Don't Like:

-Only 1 level


This is a list of some fun blockchain/cryptocurrency games that will get you started in blockchain gaming. If you know of other blockchain games that I should look into please leave the name in the comment section below. Hope this article helps!

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