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RE: How to distinguish between Blockchain Networks?

The blockchain will for sure disrupt certain businesses. That's way there is so much FUD going around. It shows, that some companies are fearing that there reason for existence is vaporizing!
But we must not confuse cyrpto with blockchain. A blockchain can run without crypto, but it is much harder for crypto to keep on going without a blockchain. I do expect that there will be blockchain coming, private blockchains, which will run without crypto! If there is enough advantage to keep the blockchain running, then there is no need for cyrpto!
Also the blockchain technology is not the solution for all problem, the old systems are facing now!


@fullcoverbetting I think a lot of FUD is self imposed- I guess the "fear" is understandable with new technology. However a lot of "uncertainty" has to do with the large number of blockchain platforms and their purpose. And the "doubt" comes from a lot of scams and misinformation.

I still have the feeling that at the moment the biggest enemy of th cryptomarket, is the crypto market itself. Like you wrote due to all the scams and misinformation.
That’s why some kind of regulation would be good! It will increase the faith of the people in crypto market, driving much needed new fiat money to it! The difficulty is that we won’t like the government to so this and the crypto market has no tools to do this!

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